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Learn to Draw Charizard from Pokemon in 7 Easy Steps

Welcome to another step by step tutorial. In this tutorial, I will teach you how to draw Charizard from the Pokemon franchise. Charizard is a draconic Pokémon in the anime series. Although Charizard has several evolved forms, for this tutorial, we will be focusing on the normal Charizard form. This step by step tutorial will guide you through the whole process of drawing the Pokémon species. We will start by drawing a dummy which will serve as a base over which we will then draw our final sketch.

So, how to draw Charizard?

Follow this simple seven-step process to learn how to draw Charizard.

Step 1 – Drawing the Torso

We will start by drawing the torso of our Pokémon. The part will be drawn by placing two rectangular shapes on top of the other. Draw a vertical line from the top of the torso to the bottom to divide the torso into two. We will be drawing our Pokémon from a 3/4 angle so the right side of the torso which is closer to the viewer should be bigger than the farther left side.

Draw the hips as a triangular shape at the bottom of the torso, this will also represent the lower abdominal area of the Pokémon. Lastly, draw ellipses on top of the torso and by the side to indicate where the head and right arm will be placed.

Step 2 – Drawing the legs

We will draw the hind limbs of the Pokémon in two parts – the upper and lower parts. For the upper part which is equivalent to the thighs, draw the legs as egg-shaped spheres attached to the lower end of the torso. Again, because of the view, the right leg will be slightly bigger than the left leg. For the lower part, the two paws will be drawn from two different perspectives. While the right paw is fully frontal, the left paw will be drawn from a 3/4 perspective. Draw the paws using simple geometric shapes and use three triangles on each paw to represent the claws.

Step 3 – Drawing the arms

Next, we will proceed to draw the arms, this part may seem complicated but it really isn’t. First of all, start by drawing an elongated shoulder, then draw the upper arms as rectangles. The forearms will still be drawn as rectangles but unlike the upper arms, these rectangles will be long and narrow. The right forearm should be longer than the left forearm as the left side is further away from the viewer. Draw three short spikes at the end of the forearms to represent the claws. Using rectangular shapes, simply draw the extensions from the forearms as in the image above.

Step 4 – Drawing the Head

Remember the ellipse you drew on the torso in step one? Now draw out two long curve lines from the ellipse to represent the neck. You will draw the head of your Pokémon on this neck. The head will be in divided into two parts, the upper part will represent the cranium and the upper jaw while the lower part will be the lower jaw. The facial features including the eyes and nose will be placed on the cranium. Next, use triangles to draw three spikes on top of the head to represent the horns, two small horns and one very long horn in the middle.

Step 5 – Drawing the Fire and the Wings basic Outline

Draw the tail as illustrated in the image above as if it were coming out from behind the torso. Use curve lines and make the tail progressively narrower as it approaches the end than it was at the point of connection to the body. Pay attention to how the top part of the tail is serrated towards the end.

The tip of the tail of Charizard will be in flames, you can use circular and cylindrical shapes to draw the fire. Once you are done with the tail and fire, you can then proceed to draw the wings. Draw the wings as if it were attached to the back of our character and I will recommend using simple geometric shapes to draw the wings.

Step 6 – Drawing the Final Line art

First of all, you should erase some of the connecting lines on the dummy so that they do not interfere with your final drawing. Just leave the outline to guide the detailing. This step is really simple, basically all I did here was add the eyes and nostrils on the cranium and some wrinkles to give the Pokémon a more natural look. Do not overload the Pokémon with too many details to avoid complicating the drawing.

Step 7 – Painting the Colors

Finally, for the last step, pick out the colours and paint each area using solid colours as in the image above. Avoid using too saturated colors in case you want to add more vibrancy to the image afterwards.


That brings us to the end of this tutorial. Now you can go ahead and draw Charizard on your own. You can draw a similar design to mine or try something else, the important thing is to follow this tutorial step by step for good results.

If you are interested in more free step by step drawing tutorials similar to this one, feel free to visit the Drawing Tutorials section.

I hope this tutorial was useful to you. If you have any doubt or question please leave it on the comment section, this will encourage me to keep working in new tutorials and articles.

How to draw Charizard
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