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The Best Digital Pens and Digital Notebooks For Artists In 2020

Every professional in any sector requires the necessary tools he needs to get a job done. Like doctors need their stethoscopes, so does a baker need a pan. This, can be said for digital artists as well. Asides from having the required knowledge and skill to perform excellently, graphic artists need pens. There are so many pens on the market, however, digital pens are required by graphic artists to do a good job. A digital pen is similar to regular ink pens except for the fact that it is used digitally.

Digital pens capture the writings and strokes of an artist digitally. These pens are great for creating different forms of art and are usually battery operated. They, also, come with a USB space that allows the upload of your job on a device. Hence, these pens can be used on different applications that support it. Also, what’s great is the fact that it can be used for both writing and drawing. With so many options of digital drawing pens, making a perfect choice can be extremely tasking. However, you do not need to fret, as this article will make it easier to navigate.
The following are the best digital pens for artists in 2020;

  • The Neolab Convergence M1 Digital Pen

Starting off our list of the best digital pens in 2020, is the Neolab Convergence M1 digital pen. This digital pen is one of the best pens for an artist searching for the feel of a conventional ball-point pen. This pen reproduces your work in a digital format and makes it so much easier to save your work. Using this pen is so easy, as it has an auto on/off feature, which also, helps in prolonging the battery life. The pen is switched on when the cap is taken off, while the opposite happens when the cap is placed on it.
It, also, has a long lasting, offline mode, which enables users to capture up to 1000 pages of work. This is immediately saved in its internal memory and a cloud, if it is synched.


  • 125 days standby battery, which is great for people who do not enjoy charging their pens always.
  • Very compatible with almost all devices; IOS, Windows, and even android for mobile devices.
  • It feels really natural and you are able to detect and edit mistakes easily.


The major con about using this digital pen is the fact that its shelf life isn’t guaranteed. Also, a lot of reviews from users either state that is good or bad. Hence, you might be unlucky.

However, the pros outweigh the cons a lot, so be sure to purchase this pen here if you love it.

  • The Neo Smart Pen N2

The next best option for digital pens is the Neo Smart pen N2. The Neo smart pen is one of the best Bluetooth sharing digital pens available right now. The Neo smartpen N2 records your drawings or writings and transfer them digitally via a low energy 4.0 Bluetooth. This Bluetooth format makes for a faster and better connection compared to other digital pens. The Neo Smartpen N2’s most intriguing feature is that it can transcribe to so many languages.


  • The Neo Smartpen N2 doesn’t have a battery life as long lasting as the Neolab convergence M1. However, it is a great option if you don’t have to move around a lot.
  • The pen comes with ink in a variety of colors that can be selected based on your preference.
  • It can be synched and edited easily with your choice of writing an application.


  • There have been a lot of complaints regarding the shelf life of this pen. A lot of reviews from users range from it getting easily damaged from just throwing it in a backpack.

  • Also, a lot of reports say that its performance diminishes after a month’s use. It doesn’t catch perfect strokes as it used to.
  • The Neo Smartpen N2 is a great addition to your collection of pens, especially if you do not need to travel with it. If you’re interested in purchasing this pen, then click here for all the details.

The Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner

The Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner as the name implies, scans writings, drawings, and figures easily. It doesn’t matter if you’re drawing, writing, texting, or filling out an excel spreadsheet. The Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner can capture every line and stroke easily and transform them digitally in seconds. This digital pen, also, has a feature that helps in the comprehension of a text. It serves as a reading pen, as it pronounces any text out loud as it scans.

This feature makes it easy for people with dyslexia and other reading abilities to comprehend more. It can also, scan images and bar codes for authenticity.


  • The Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner is 30 times faster than your usual digital pen. Hence, it saves time while being more efficient.
  • It has the technology to read out a text in several languages. This is quite beneficial to people across the world struggling with reading problems.
  • The battery life can last for over 7 days. However, this can be reduced based on your usage.
  • You can scan any text up to 22pt fonts and connect it to any Bluetooth enabled device.


  • The biggest con experienced is the time it takes to display scanned documents on your digital device. It takes a while for the words to appear digitally. If you’re not cautious, you might miss out a few words.
  • The second problem is the reading out loud feature. It can make a mistake with by reading out words with hyphens separately. Also, it doesn’t take not of apostrophes and completely ignores it.

However, these cons are minor and doesn’t take away from the fact that this pen is a great investment. If you’re looking for a pen to make your job easier and faster, then try out this pen.

  • The Livescribe 3 Smartpen

The Livescribe 3 smartpen is a great tool for replicating your writings and drawings digitally on the go. Share ideas with your friends easily from wherever you are with the Livescribe 3 Smartpen and Livescribe+ app. The Livescribe+ app is free and very compatible with IOS and Android. It is extremely useful with presentations if you do not have a white board. Also, you can voice record as you work, which can allow you relive moments easily.


  • This digital pen is the best option for people who are really mobile and need to work on the go. Once you have the Livescribe+ app, you can upload in real time, as well as, edit easily.
  • It is lightweight and makes writing and drawing easy and natural.
  • It allows you to play back audio videos, which is great for reliving a moment.


  • This pen works with only mobile devices and is completely useless without one.
  • The pen itself doesn’t come with a mic, as it uses the microphone on your mobile device.
  • Transferring documents to your computer is impossible without your mobile device.

The Livescribe 3 Pen is a great tool that gets the job done efficiently, while you enjoy a natural feel. However, if you absolutely have to work with a computer, it will be useless to you. If the requirements fit perfectly with what you need, then you can find all other relevant details here.

  • Wacom Bamboo Spark Digital Pen

The Wacom Bamboo Spark digital pen is akin to a lot of digital pens, however, except for one feature. Its recent ink-to-text lite feature enables its users to transform wordings in ink to text form. This feature makes it easier for sending via mail or even changing into a PDF format. This new technology also, has a search function and can be transcribed into over 13 languages. The Wacom Bamboo Spark pen, also, comes with an Inkspace app, that gives you the opportunity to properly edit your work.

Furthermore, it is compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices.
This way you don’t have to worry about editing on your mobile device or on a computer. It works great with both IOS and Android devices.


  • It comes with a tab that uses A5 paper to digitalize your strokes in drawings and wordings. This tab can use any A5 paper of your choice.
  • It’s very easy to transfer and store your finished work via Bluetooth.
  • Easy editing with the Inkspace App.


  • No voice recording option.
  • The page used for drawing moves sometimes as you work.
  • It is a relatively small pad to work with.

The Wacom Bamboo Spark digital pen is so far one of the cheapest pens on this list. However, it does get the job done and have a lot of benefits. If you’re looking for a budget friendly alternative, then this pen is a perfect option.

  • The Rocketbook Erasable Reusable Notebook & Digital Pen

Picture a jotter that you can wipe down after using it and you have the Rocketbook Reusable Notebook. Unlike other pads and digital pens that transforms wordings into text, this technology is different. The Rocketbook Reusable Notebook feels like a real paper and allows its user to scan written words or drawings. It is then transferred to a mail or other devices.


  • It is sustainable, as it can be wiped down and reused.
  • It’s perfect for people who love handwritten notes, as opposed to typing.


It can only work with specific pens and the replacement pens costs over $7-$11.
Ultimately, the Rocketbook Erasable Reusable notebook and digital pen are great for people who appreciate simplicity. This brand is available for purchase. All you need to do is check here for the necessary details.

  • Wacom Bamboo Folio Digital Notebook

Another amazing brand by Wacom that takes easy navigation to the next level. This notebook, also comes with the Inkspace app that makes editing and transferring files easier. The awesome thing about this folio notebook by Wacom, is the fact that it saves your ideas by one click of a button. Once you’re about to turn pages, just click on the button and your ideas are saved.


  • The pen is lightweight and gives off an ergonomic and natural feel when drawing or painting.
  • The pen doesn’t require charging, which makes it convenient for travel.
  • Pairing your devices with your pen is easy and straight forward.


The major con of this pen is that its pad doesn’t recognize any other pen. So, you would need to work with only the pen included. Hence, the pad will be useless without its pen.

The Wacom Bamboo Folio Digital notebook is a great tool for drawing and doodling, until you misplace its pen.

  • The Equil 2 Smart Pen

The Equil 2 Smart Pen is a great pen for many reasons like the fact that you can charge both the pen and transceiver simultaneously. This is done using a single USB port. It, also, allows its user to write and draw on any kind of paper. Plus, you can store all of your work in the receiver’s 4GB memory and recover it whenever you want.


  • You can use any paper to work with this pen.
  • The pen and receiver can be charged from a single USB port.

  • It comes with a year’s warranty, and any problem will be fixed by the manufacturer.
  • It is very lightweight and ergonomic


The overall accuracy of drawing and writing is poor compared to other pens on the list. When tested for accuracy, over 6 errors were recorded.

The Equil 2 Smartpen is a good tool and if you’re interested in its purchase, then click here.

Having the best digital pen is crucial to an artist’s performance. So, for the best digital pen in 2019, be sure to cop one of the aforementioned options on the list.

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