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50 Free Hair Photoshop Brushes That Will Blow Your Mind

For most digital artists and graphics designers, Photoshop is the go-to software for editing and creating stunning designs. Photoshop is one of the most recognized and standard raster graphics editors, this revolutionary software was created in 1988 by Thomas and John Knoll and it was developed and published by Adobe. Photoshop is so popular and widely used that the name has become a verb for altering images although the software does a lot more than this. You can use Photoshop tools to create, edit and compose raster images with photoshops features like color models, alpha compositing and it can also edit and render text graphics, 3D graphics, video, and vector graphics although its capabilities are limited in these areas.

Amongst some of the best things you can do with Photoshop is draw and paint your character’s hair. Laying strands of hair one by one can be tasking, tiring and can make the whole process of creating art or graphics a lot longer than it should be. There are several Photoshop hair brush packs available to help take away the stress of drawing your character’s hair so you can have more time to work on other parts of creating your art that need your attention.

We have put together a list of 50 hair brush packs that are custom made and created by skilled artists to help make your characters and drawings look very natural, awesome and realistic.

Photoshop HAIR brushes by Vaia

These brushes are amazing for creating different kinds of hairstyles and textures. Valerie made these brushes that come in a set of 9 brushes with varying volume and hair textures including curly hair. There are large and small brushes so you have some variety to pick from and the brush set is compatible with Adobe Photoshop 5.5 and other upwards models.

Hair brushes by Sakura 222-stock

These brushes help you create the perfect curls and wisps of hair in any kind of art or drawing. They can be used for male and female characters and can help you create a beautiful ethereal head or tail of hair. They are absolutely amazing and can be used to draw wisps of animal fur as well as hair on human characters.

Hair brushes set 1 by Jimville2003

This hair brush set is the first hair brush created by Jim but they are among the best hair brush sets available today. You can change up the brush tip spacing to make your character’s hair as thick or light as you want. You can also use the brushes to draw different colors and lengths of hair that make your character look very cool and edgy.

Hair brushes set 1 by Falln-Stock

Want a brush set that gives you different kinds of hair from tight curly hair to bone straight strands then you should totally download this set by Falln-stock. They were made in Photoshop CS so they won’t work for lower versions. You can mix different hair textures on one character by changing from one brush to another to create the perfect head of hair.

Photoshop hair brushes pack 02 by gorjuss- stock

This brush set contains a pack of big brushes that can be used to create different kinds of looks of hair for your character. The brushes are for slightly curly textured hair and have 4 strand types. If you do a lot of curly haired creations then using this brush set is great. They can be used in collaboration with other great hair brush sets to create a unique hair look in your drawings.

Hair by Scully 7491

These hair brushes are quite realistic as they were made from scans of the developer’s own hair. There are varying textures of hair so you can get brushes that give you hair with more frizz or a brush that gives you fine and straight hair. Choose whatever texture brings your vision for your character’s hair to life. This hair brush pack is compatible with Photoshop 7 and upwards models and there are also image packs included for other versions.

Hair brush set by para- vine

If you love wispy straight hair that isn’t very full or imposing then you will love using this brush set. It contains a set of 5 brushes each with a different brush tip spacing so they can be used to create thick and darker strands of hair or they can be used to make thin and wispy hairs. You can use this brush set combined with any other brushes you have so you get the perfect straight hair for your character.

URESTRICTED windblown Hair Brushes by frozenstocks

Sometimes getting hair that billows in the wind beautifully on your drawing doesn’t always turn out right. You can spend hours trying to perfect it and give your drawing a realistic look but you end up with strands of hair that look stiff and unnatural. Use the unrestricted windblown hair brushes developed by frozen stocks containing 23 different hair brushes to get perfect realistic windswept hair.

Hair brushes set 2 by Falln-stock

The second set of hair brushes by Falln stock has even more textures of hair for you to choose from, ranging from tight curls to wavy and straight hair, you can make your characters look as realistic and natural as possible using this brush set. The set even includes braided hair but they do not work for PS 7 and lower versions of Photoshop.

Curls by Scully7491

If you do a lot of drawings of characters with very frizzy hair then you will love working with these brushes. The second brush set created by Scully features scans of brushes made with her own real hair in its frizzy state. Your characters will have very natural and realistic curls when you use these brushes to draw their strands of hair.

Hair brushes smudge usage by Texturized.

For artists who prefer their characters to have smudged hair instead of strands or textures like most brushes have then getting this brush set for Photoshop would be best because the brushes are tailored for smudged looks. The brushes are basic and easy to use thus making the drawing process a lot easier for you to accomplish.

Hair brushes III by scully7491

Another curly hair brush set from the amazing Scully made from scanning strands of her gorgeous curly hair. This brush set can be used to draw bigger curls and strands of hair for your characters. If you need bigger ringlets or lightly curly hair for different kinds of characters you draw, then using these brushes that are compatible with photoshop PS+7 would be great.

Anime hair brushes by OrexChan

Many artists love to draw anime characters and their hair is usually one of their most defining features. With this brush set containing 3 styles of brushes you can give your anime characters any kind of hair. There are neat and messy hair brushes and different lengths, either short long or medium. You can also give your character straight or curly hair and put it over their shoulders or in pigtails. You can draw the front and side view of your character’s hair using these brushes but not the back view.

Hair brushes set 3 by Falln-Stock

The third brush set by the amazing Falln-stock contains even more textures of hair for your characters including shorter lengths you can use to give your characters edgier and more daring looks like a pixie hair cut. They are just as fantastic as the previous brush sets and can be used to create beautiful looks so even beginners will be able to use them easily.

Photoshop HAIR pack 01 by gorjuss stock

This brush pack helps you lay down neat lines of hair strands in whatever style you want. If you’d like to have wisps of hair flying in the wind then you can use this brush pack to achieve that. Draw different lengths of hair whether long or short and color them any color you like with this brush pack so your characters look more cool and natural.

Hair brushes set 6 by Falln-Stock

With this brush set you can draw thinner wisps of hair that curl at the tip and are straight at the top. This is the sixth brush set created by Falln-Stock and they help you create very beautiful hair on human characters as well as animals. You can use them in tails or manes and also for a nice head of hair on your human drawings. You can also make separate groups of strands like a lock falling over the shoulder in your drawing.

PSP 8 HAIR Brush Pack 01 by gorjuss-stock

A new brush pack from gorjuss stock made for PSP 8 that can be used to make any type of hair texture you desire and in different lengths. Your character can be made to look however you want using this exciting brush pack. If you have trouble painting hair on your own, this pack will certainly take out the stress and time consumed from struggling with hair for your art creations.

Hair brushes by dark-shadow-oxxy

This brush pack contains several textures and volumes of hair types you can use to create different looks for your drawings. Whether you want a full and voluminous curly look or lank straight hair, you can use the brushes contained in this brush pack to achieve that for your characters. There are different curl patterns and textures of hair that is sort of frizzy which you can combine to make your character look as natural as possible.

Photoshop HAIR brushes set 2 by Vaia

The second brush set by Vaia has a lot more brush styles and tips, there are large brushes, and small brushes which you can use to create different kinds of hair textures and styles to make your character stand out. You can draw hair in ponytails with multi-tones and give your drawing straight or curly hair. There are 20 brushes in this set and they can be used to draw manes or tails.

Hair and fur brushes by Arwen Potter

Drawing fur can be really frustrating but you don’t have to go through all that when you download and use this brush set. You can add your own strokes of hair to fill out the look the brush creates so it looks more natural and real. You can paint more then once as you use the short fur brushes so that the gaps all get filled in.

Hair photoshop and gimp brushes by redhead stock

If you love variety when drawing hair then you definitely don’t want to miss this brush pack. There are 22 different brushes in the set and it is compatible with Photoshop 7 and upper versions. You can draw braids, long hairs and short hairs, bangs, curly and straight hairs, wavy or ponytails and so much more. The brushes are small so if you want longer wavy hair you may need to use it in combination with another brush pack.

Hair brushes by yuele

This hairbrush pack contains 8 different brushes you can use to draw long hair on your characters and more. The brush tips are of different kinds so if you are going for a full look you can achieve that or if you need a look with sparse hairs you can also get that for your art. They are not too complicated and can also be used to draw braids

Hair smudge brushes by kuschelirmel- stock

Smudged looks stand out a lot and make your drawing look retro. You can use this brush set to smudge the hair of your character of even to paint hair. There are 5 brushes contained in the set and they have different textures and consistencies so you can pick whatever one you like and create the perfect smudged hair look for your art.

Hair brushes by BBs- brushes

You can use these brushes to help make smudged hair by using it in combination with the smudge tool so that it looks better and more realistic. You can change the opacity and make it either high or low as you play around and try to get the perfect amount of smudge on each look. It was made in Ps7 so it works with that version and other upwards models

Hair brush part 2 by DeeMo24

You can draw different types of lines of hair including smaller groups of hair like in eyebrows when you use this brush set. For a darker look you can increase the opacity of the brush and change the settings on spacing and fade. Feel free to play around with the different shapes and line of hair textures with this brush set and create beautiful unique styles of hair for your drawings.

Hair brush part 1 by DeeMo24

These brushes can be used to make beautiful lines and strands of hair for more detailed hair looks. The brush settings are not preset so you can change them and adjust as much as you like to create the perfect look you want. Using it with the smudge tool also enhances the variety of looks you can get using this tool and it works with Ps6 and upper models.

Hair brushes for Photoshop by Aikensha

Want to create beautiful straight hair for your characters? This set of brushes are great for that, you can make bangs and different lengths of hair for your character with the brushes and adjust all the settings to get your desired depth. This way you can reduce the difficulties of drawing hair yourself strand by strand.

Hair brushes : whisps by maskimul

Sometimes you need light wisps of hair to frame a face beautifully or give a character a more natural look, using this brush set will help you create nice wisps of hair that look natural. There are 42 brushes in total contained in this brush set in 2 sets of 21 brushes each.

Hair brushes- Non- realism- V2 by OrexChan

You can create 3D hair strands using this amazing brush set created by OrexChan. It’s easy to create some awesome looking realistic shaggy hair for either human characters or animals and if you like making the hair less shaggy and more aligned you can adjust the opacity to between 40-80% and you can also make hair different colors. The brush set works with Photoshop 7 and upwards

8 hair color charts by maskimul

Lots of people have different colors of hair and you can bring these features to life by using this brush set. If you want your character whether it’s a human or animal to look more lifelike by giving it a new hair color instead of regular color tones you can add any of these colors to the strands and locks of hair.

Hair brushes – Non- realism by OrexChan

For manga artists and people who love to draw anime characters, these brushes were specially made with you in mind. They help you give your character the right textures of hair and can be used to draw long or short hair. The brush set is compatible with Photoshop 7 and upper models.

Free Hi-Res Photoshop hair brushes

There two different sizes of brush sets in this pack which will help you draw some very realistic looking hair. You draw short spiky hair, bangs, bobs and even longer hair in a ponytail. They make a great base for painting hair and work with Photoshop CS3 and upper models.

Anime hair brushes 2 by OrexChan

Draw hair for your anime characters modeled after the hairstyles of popular anime like mermaid melody with long pigtails, short spiky hair, medium length hair and most especially bangs and they also come in a PNG version. Become a veritable manga artist by giving your characters the right hair using these anime hair brushes.

HairBrushes by Helenartathome

This brush set is amazing for a first brush set by the creator. It contains different kinds of hair textures and styles including braids and twists, curly and wispy hair as well as dreadlocks. So if you like to draw characters that need such hair textures to be realized fully then you should absolutely have these hair brushes among your collection.

Hair Brush set by kittyd-Stock

With 15 different brushes in this set all created in different sizes and styles to help you get the best hair textures and looks for your characters, you can’t go wrong with your drawing. Whether you want to give your character short or long hair the brushes in this set can help you do that. You can also use it for floating wisps of hair and the hair strands can be colored however you wish.


You can use this wonderful hair brushes on their own or with other brush sets to make realistic looking heads of hair for your characters. There are long hair brushes and short hair brush tips, you can also make the hair as thick or sparse as you’d like so the character looks very natural. The brushes work with Photoshop CS models.

STOCK PHOTOSHOP BRUSHES hair 2 by Maureen Older

In the second set of brushes by Maureen Older, you have more options of hair textures to give your characters. If you would like more textures and “crimped” hair types then using this brushes can help you with giving your characters such hair without stressing you out by getting involved with laying individual strands of hair so you can get fantastic results.

Lineart hair brushes 3 by sm-exery

Lineart hair brushes are perfect for drawing hair for manga and anime characters. You can make stunning graphic art by using this brush set containing different kinds of brushes that can give you short straight, short messy or long straight or messy. There are also brushes that give you hair like the ones from the Yuna anime and other original hair by the artist.

Children 7 my best brushes 2018 by children 7

Get different depths of strands of hair with these brush set like wispy strands or fuller and thicker strands to make your character look way cooler. You can even draw a single strand of hair falling artfully over your characters face with the beautiful brush tips contained in this set. You can also make the hair colors whatever you like.

Hair brushes 2 by stars cold night

Drawing thin and light strands of hair just got easier using the hair brush set designed by stars cold night. There are 4 brush styles that you can use to either draw very thick and dark strands of hair or lighter strands for a softer look. They’re all very natural and make your drawings look realistic.

STOCK PHOTOSHOP BRUSHES hair 4 by Maureen Older

For hairstyles that are more frizzy and curly, Maureen developed these brushes to help you create such looks on your character. You can give your character curly separates hair strands or close together and full curls with more depth and darker shading. Whatever kinds of curls you like can be gotten by using this brush set.

Hair Brushes by photoshopweb

Sometimes you want your characters to have really classy and put together hair strands that are lustrous and shiny. Using the hair brushes by Photoshopweb will help you create hair that is either wavy or curly at the tip with the 7 brushes contained in the set. They can be used to create the back view of hair and also as a base for other hair creations.

Hair brushes II by BBS-brushes

Use the brushes in this set with the smudge tool to get the best effects. You can adjust the opacity levels to increase or decrease the levels of smudge you get with each brush and they are really great for making characters with wavy hair. The brushes are compatible with PS7 and upwards.

Hair brushes by Alice Faux

This awesome hair brushes can be used to create long and wavy hair types for your graphic art. They give you drawings with very realistic hair strands and wisps such that it even feels like you can run your hands through the strands easily. The brushes can be used with other types of brush tips to make your character look natural and they can also be used for manes and tails.

PHOTOSHOP BRUSHES:  hairs by darkmercy

You get 7 brushes in this set which can be used to give your drawings different colors of hair whether they are curly or straight. If you’d like to give your drawing slick hair that looks almost wet then you should absolutely use these brushes.

Skin and hair texture brushes by castrochew

You can draw several textures and depths of hair using the brushes contained in this hair and skin texture brush set. They help you create nice strands of very real looking hair in different textures so you have many looks to choose from. You can adjust the setting of the brush tip to either give your fine strands or more frizzy strands and they can also be used to draw hair for animals.

FUZZIES BRUSHES by illustratorcs6

Illustratorcs6 created the perfect brush set containing 7 different brushes with different kinds of brush tips to help you make a fuzzy hair-like texture in your drawings. They’re perfect for fuzzy tails or animal fur and manes and they come in many different colors. The brushes can be used in PS7 and upwards models

Hair brushes by WCS-wildcat

Create amazing hair looks with this cool brush set by WCS wildcat. They can be used in 3D art to make very realistic hair strands for the characters in your art. You can draw hair in whatever length you like and also color them to suit your drawing and add other changes for photo manipulation.

Hair brushes III by ivadesign

You can give your illustrations and drawings different curl patterns and lengths of hair using these fantastic brushes by Iva. You can make them any level of thick or thin for a full or scanty head of hair and adjust the hue to give them any color you like. The brushes are also good for drawing tails on animals.

UNRESTRICTED hair strands brushes by frozenstocks

This brush set comes with 16 brush styles and tips you can use to create types of hair including curly and straight hair patterns. There are long hair lengths and shorter hair lengths that curl too so there is no limit to the hairstyles you can give your character when drawing with these brushes. You can add as much detail as you want including color to the strands.


With any of these brushes used individually or in combination with others, you will be able to give your characters any type or texture of very realistic looking hair to make them look even more epic and cooler than other digital artwork.

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