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20 Amazing Gifts For Graffiti Artists

Some persons are just the most difficult to get a gifting item. What could be more tasking than pondering on gift ideas for an art creator? And not just any art creator this time around; a graffiti artist. Instead of thinking so hard about what’s ideal or not, focus on the individual’s personality with an artsy element as a guide.

Now you have an idea of what categories to look at. However, we’ve helped you streamline a pro list of 20 amazing gift options to pick from. All you have to do moving on is adjust your glass frame, relax, and make the perfect pick. Remember the little personality thought you had earlier on? Here’s when it comes in handy. Let’s begin. Shall we?

1. Itoya Skutr Art & Spray Can Bag

This Itoya SKUTR Can Bag is spacious enough to house a minimum of twelve spray paint cans. The extra zipping compartments could accommodate a sketchbook, additional spray nozzles, a few markers, and some tools. The main zipping space comes with a 180° zipper for better access to your spray cans. This is also the perfect gift for a graffiti artist as it has a patent-magnet design to give your graffiti lover the artistic morale all day.

2. Montana Ultra Wide Spray Paint

Gifting a graffiti artist a spray paint for art creates a unique bond between you two. This spray paint is the ideal gift option for urban calligraphy & ultra-wide artwork. The Montana Ultra Wide provides your artist with a spray width variation of roughly 6inches (15cm). When used at a closer range to the object, it could vary at approximately 60cm (a little above 23inches). The uniquely-designed yellow calligraphy cap creates the best vertical stroke application ever.

3. Molotow One4All Acrylic Markers

The complete set of six 16millimeters Square Nib markers comes in six assorted colors. This set of acrylic markers has the perfect anti-shake grip to prevent mistakes during use. Working with this set of markers guarantees your graffiti artist multiple choice of six colors to pick from. The colors include traffic red, zinc yellow signal white, dare orange, true blue, and signal black. These Molotow Acrylic Markers come in varying tip sizes from 1.5mm, 2, 4, and 15mm.

4. Krink K-51 Permanent Ink Marker

The Krink K-51 Permanent Ink Marker has been the top choice for professional graffiti artists in years. Unlike most permanent markers, this offers the right touch for painting wide areas with similar and smooth strokes. Krink K-51 comes with an extra-wide nib for captivating calligraphy and background creations. It is also the perfect gifting for architectural drawings. The xylene-free permanent marker is a product of the USA and free from harmful solvents.

5. The Canson Wall Sketchbook

Any graffiti artist gifted with The Canson Wall Sketchbook would surely appreciate your sense of quality and details. The 30-sheet high-quality french-manufactured sketchbook is suitable for use with all marker sizes and types. The barrier element advanced-technology one every sheet makes it possible to sketch on a total of sixty surfaces. Even inscribed by solvent-based markers, the high-resistance opaque feature prevents bleedthrough. Therefore, your artist can sketch on both sides.

6. Marvy Uchida Graffiti Fabric Markers

Fabric graffiti is an interesting aspect of graffiti that has the interest of lots of graffiti artists. Getting the right graffiti fabric marker could require someone with expertise in calligraphy. So it might be difficult for you to know the right fabric marker if you never stumbled on this pro list. The Marvy Uchida Graffiti Fabric Marker comes in a set of thirty different assorted colors. These colors come in favors shade allowing a smooth and even painting on fabric. This would be the right creative gift for your graffiti artist.

7. Screenshotbrand Military Patch Bomber Jacket

The 21st-century brand stylish designer jacket would attract the attention of any artist, especially a graffiti artist. The imprints and design are inspired by surf, skate, hip-hop, city life, and elements that’d interest your artist. If you’re ever on the lookout for a casual gift for a graffiti artist, this military patch bomber jacket is a perfect choice. The high-quality material and latest NYC jacket provide you with the perfect gift to keep your artist in style.  

8. J World NYC Rolling Backpack

This backpack is the best travel-with-ease gift for a graffiti artist. It’s portable enough to fit beneath an airplane seat or overhead section. The J World NYC Rolling Backpack is manufactured with a 600D waterproof polyester feature to withstand any weather. Gift your graffiti artist with this rust-free III sections aluminum zip handle. Dual side meshes compartments for fitting spray cans, sketchbooks, and graffiti brushes.

9.  Liquitex Professional Spray Paint Nozzles

The Liquitex Spray Paint Nozzles are designed in easy to lose and tight mechanism during use. These nozzles allow a smooth flow of paint from the container with the preferred amount. Your graffiti artist gets to control the amount of spray paint released per time with the Liquitex. Nozzles. With a set of 50 nozzles of varying sizes, its user styles his/her art without worrying about excessive spraying.

10. Graffiti School: A Student Guide and Teacher Manual

Knowledge isn’t wasted in the art world. The fact that art is perceived differently and means multiple things depending on the artist proves this. This Graffiti School guide is a student and teacher’s manual to graffiti design and techniques. Gifting your graffiti artist this book shows enough that you care about their art and would push them to be better.

11. iHeartRaves Neck Gaiter Face Cover Scarf

This breathable neck Gaiter bandana scarf is the perfect fashion accessory gift to your graffiti artist. The cooling iHeartRaves bandana is a 100% micro-fiber polyester material scarf. Its multi-functional styling allows a user to style the scarf with up to twelve designs. Presented with a raw edges feature that prevents itching in the neck area. Breathable with enough holes and suitable for nose and face covering.

12. Montana Latex Glove Box

Graffiti art could be messy when in action. This why specific protective gears are in plays to reduce the amount of skin contact with the active chemicals from the spray paints. The Montana Latex Glove provides an ultra-protective covering of the skin from the effect. Why professional painters often recommend this glove, using it for graffiti art offers similar protection. The box of hundred gloves offers your graffiti artist with multiple usage options.

13. Montana BLACK 400ml Graffiti Mural Spray Paint

The 400ml Montana graffiti spray paint is a trusted brand among graffiti artists. I’m certain your gift would be received with a priceless smile. The set of twelve popular colors allows the artist to paint without having to figure which is what. This high-pressure spray can is designed specifically for creative graffiti art.

14. DVQ Art Graffiti Wall Painting

The graffiti contemporary art picture is the perfect fit for your interior design finish. This HD giclee prints artwork would serve as a lovely gift to your graffiti artist. The ready-made artwork is crafted to be placed on the office, living room, bedroom, and waiting room walls. A black hook perfectly placed at the back of the art allows easy hanging.

15. Stencil1 Stencil – Antlered Deer

Stencil1 Stencil is a customized graphic design brand that specializes in art on various projects. The creative brand designs on art, any craft, down to your interior decorations. This Antlered price and any other is the right gift for a graffiti artist to help spike up their inspiration sense. Their designs are completed in a 3D finish alluring to the eyes. Stencil1 Stencil speaks art and the perfect gift for your graffiti artist.

16. Montana Gold True Color Swatch Chart

The color swatch chart in the one-stop for all colors available in the Montana Gold line. Gifting your graffiti artist with this color chart, allows them to own a color system that’s rare and unique for painting. The colors are of high standards and scientifically tested to reduce the number of toxic chemicals during painting. Aside from printing on papers, these colors give the original look at your art. Note: Test spray before use, to be certain of color type.

17. Artbin Tote Express

This durable and flexible ArbinTote Express is the best definition for classic, style, and compatible. The express comes with a large interior space that allows your graffiti artist to fit in a couple of things. This space could accommodate some books, materials, spray cans, papers, and stuff up to 12inces x 12 inches. Its roller skate wheels are the best for easy movement of the load in the box.

18. Honeywell North 7700 Series Respirator

Speaking of protective gear, since your graffiti artist work as much with chemicals from spray cans, this is the right gift to show you care. The Honeywell North 7700 Series Respirator is manufactured with a medical-grade silicone protective feature. This NIOSH-Approved Half Silicone protects your graffiti artist from dust, organic vapors, fumes, acid gases, and so on. It is not all protection without style. As it gives a perfect fit on the face during use.

19. Why Write When You Can Tag: Second Edition

The second edition graffiti book features a series of interesting graffiti tags. This masterpiece helps keep your graffiti artist stay creative and in trend with the latest graffiti tags. The perfect gift for both beginners and advanced-handstyles graffiti artists. Its easy-to-read step-by-step guide on hundreds of graffiti tags makes readers apply the techniques almost immediately. High definition pictures, text, and illustrations for referencing.

20. ACOGO Bandanas Headwrap

The 100% polyester ACOGO headwrap provides comfort when in use. The unique blue back mesh design makes this bandana stylish for your graffiti artist. Its microfiber durable feature allows it to fit all body sizes without causing a strain. Perfectly suitable to be worn or used as nose cover, headgear, to prevent dust protection, and muffler. The ACOGO bandanas headwrap supports easy hand-wash and proper maintenance.


While these gifts are very thoughtful and fall perfectly within the profession of the recipient, it is important to note that what matters most is the intention behind these gifts.

No gift is perfect but the thought and love behind each item given will last longer than any gift. So, when purchasing that awesome gift, shed your anxiety, be confident with your choice, and the thought behind the gesture you are about to make.

20 Amazing Gifts For Graffiti Artists
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20 Amazing Gifts For Graffiti Artists
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