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Krita vs Photoshop: Which One is Better

If you think the comparison between Photoshop and Krita is not necessary because you are getting what you need from one, then maybe you don’t know what the other has to offer. This two editing software have great features that are unique to different projects. Knowing what both can do and which one would perform better concerning a task is paramount. In this article, you will not just have a good view of both but you will know which to settle for any time after reading through.

Which software is better, Krita or Photoshop?

If you are a professional artist, Photoshop is the best option. Basically, Photoshop is the industry standard, for photographers, designers, and digital painters.

A lot of graphic designers are opting for Photoshop because of its vast outlines that allow for editing photos, drawing digital arts, and so on. The Krita software, on the other hand, is solely used for the creation of arts from scratch which could mean more concentration on the tools used in Krita arts than Photoshop.

Well, you will get an unmistakable answer to this question after going through the detailed comparison.


The photoshop software was developed originally for editing photos that explain the name it bears. However, this software has gradually moved to address other design issues like video editing, concept art, and other similar designs. With these new features in form of tools that Adobe has adopted, it makes it a good choice for a wider number of graphic designs. Features like Pen tools, filters, effects make it different from what it used to be. In fact, it is currently topping other editing software in the area of graphic rasterizing. More features of Adobe Photoshop are listed in the features section below.

Photoshop Features

  • Interface: One thing you won’t miss in the photoshop interface is the user-friendly nature. The interface makes it easy to navigate the software without any complications whatsoever. Interestingly, it has this interface for both Mac and windows which is a good thing for both types of PC.
  • Multiple tools: The number of tools that photoshop has outlined is not just extensive but are of great benefit to design. Tools like Lasso tool which makes free drawing possible, shape tools, sponge tools, and brushes of different kinds. With them, designing is interesting and compact.
  • Project sharing and access: The photoshop doesn’t just allow the sharing of designs across various social media platforms but editing the design from anywhere in the world is possible. All that needs to be done is to store the design in adobe cloud to access it with another device.
  • Color adjustment: The tooltips present on the interface helps direct the users and also allows them to understand the use of every tool. With the new improvement of photoshop, color adjustment tools can be easily discovered and used when due.
  • Sky replacement tool: This is one feature that works like magic as it helps designers have a better designing experience. For every design on display in the interface, this tool will show where there needs to be a sky and also adjust the colors already present to make a new sky.


  • Professional standard: Photoshop software is one professionally standard software that is used by many artists from different fields of study. You don’t need to be taught in school to know how it works. In fact, there are study guides online that can helps newbies get a hang of this software and be professional with time. Also, most designs you see either in the newspaper or magazine has a touch of the professional tool of this software which validates its professionalism.
  • Content-aware tools: This tool is a great spec for photoshop as it works based on the other design areas you are creating. This means if one part is not in sync with the rest, the tool fills it in line with the while design.
  • Extensive features: The ample number of features that come with this software makes it easy to design and alter images in both 3D and 2D. Also, video editing is now possible thanks to the features.
  • Cheaper photoshop version: The elements that enable awesome designs in photoshop are not all expensive. There are cheaper ones which is the photoshop element, that just need a single payment to continue enjoying it.
  • Adobe creative suite: With this suite, the management of designs can be done by multiple persons across different gadgets. It also permits advanced editing of those designs which is a good advantage.
  • Advanced editor: Adobe Photoshop has tools like color correction, video editor, HDR imaging, 3D imaging that will work well in 3D printing, video editing, and many more sophisticated designs.
  • Availability: The photoshop software is also available on Android and IOS and can be downloaded for free.


  • Costly: This is the major con that Photoshop has which is due to the many packages embedded in the software. The price of about $20 every month when weighed correctly is a good deal for a software that is fully featured like this. However, there is a cheaper version which is the photoshop element that can be paid one time with just a maximum of $100 yearly. The high priced suites, on the other hand, have vast creative options that ensure promising and more excellent designs. So, it is best to use those packages when the design will be paid for if not, it won’t be worth it.
  • Version restriction: If your PC is operating on 32-bit, this software will not function well even if it was successfully installed. In fact, the new version doesn’t even install on 32-bit OS so this is a limitation for designers that are not currently using the 64-but OS.
  • Subscription limitation: For rookies in the world of graphic designing, the compulsory subscription can be restraining and as such cause them to even stop before they began.
  • Limitations in some tools: Tools like the bridge is quite limited to photoshop files and cannot work with an imported file which means working across other software could be restricted
  • Complexity: Even though the interface has all the tools well arranged to encourage ease when designing, beginners don’t seem to see it that way. For learners, the whole concept is alien, hence, not understandable for their level. Even after knowing how what each tool does, it takes a quality amount of time to turn this knowledge into designs. However, these complexities aren’t present for professionals as they see it as a means of making awesome designs.
  • Slow processing: Photoshop has specific PC requirements for it to function fast, nevertheless, these specs (high RAM and GPU) doesn’t guarantee the software fast processing.

When it comes to painting and sketches in the most professional way possible, the Krita software is being defined. This software like photoshop, allows artists to create different designs but with a twitch of constructing it from the scratch.

One thing you won’t miss in the Krita software is that it is open-source and doesn’t need any subscription to access it. The main purpose of this software is to allow both beginners and professional to stay creative without having to pay for it.

Also, Krita has awesome features that make designing easier and uniquely beautiful. The color modes that have a maximum of 32 dots allows a wide range of color usage across designs. More so, the number of brushes available that helps to blend the design is another reason for comparison with adobe photoshop. More features are numbered below.

Features of Krita

  • Vast users: This software is not limited to just 3D graphic designers only as game developers are using it as well. Also, concept designers are not left out in the features of this software that permits concept designs on various levels.
  • Variety of brushes: Depending on the brush that suits the design you are trying to make and also for convenience, Krita software has an array of brushes just by one click. Brushes like fill brush circle that are great for silhouettes, inkball pen which does well for drawings and outlining, and many other brushes. Each brush has its opacity and can be stabilized using the brush stabilizing tool.
  • Support other files: This software is more supportive of other files especially photoshop. So, you can always juggle between using the photoshop software and completing it in the Krita of which it doesn’t work in reverse.
  • Interface: The interface of this software is not just friendly but it is can also be modified. If you are tired of the regular interface, Krita allows you to customize the interface to suit your taste.
  • Management tools: This is one feature of the Krita software that helps the user manage their layers as they design. If it requires an adjustment that other tools can’t provide this tool will do the job just fine.


No restriction on Operating system(OS)– The software functions on any OS whether it be 32-but or 64-bit. So, if you have 32-bit OS you can start designing using the Krita software.

Open-source software – The most enjoyable software is one with an open-source feature and that is what Krita offers. With this feature, users have the right to customize and modify the software based on the preference they want at that moment. This also means they can change it back when they want.

Constant update – This is one major advantage Krita has over other similar editor software. With constant updates, the software is adjusting to the trends of design, hence, giving room for more beautiful designs to be created. More so, bugs issues are quickly attended to when the updates are done.

Easy to use – Beginners find this software easier to use than most editors. This is because the tools are easy to find and are convenient to use. The tools are also found with just a click and don’t require several guidelines to find. Plus, the tools especially the brushes are designed to help beginners catch up on time with their different tips.

File format support – It doesn’t matter if the file doesn’t have a plugin, Krita can still work on it. Krita supports a large number of files that are typically not supported by other editors. Just a drag is what Krita needs to get your works ready to be worked on.

Huge brush Preview – This is one advantage you will also enjoy using this software. Brushes are displayed in such a way that accessibility is very easy. Not just that, the preview also shows information about each brush. This is great for both experts and beginners as navigation is quicker and better.


User support is unavailable – The software doesn’t have any form of user support and that is because the software is free and open-source. This features, though advantageous is a major setback for the users as they can not complain or request assistance concerning any changes they might have made singly.

Documentation is poor – The regular updates help create a good design but are not well documented which makes this a disadvantage to Krita software. Aside from the documentation, the upgrades help users to not just understand the interface more but also secures the quality tools needed per time.

Updates create bugs – The updates are supposed to help resolve a problem but when done more frequently, it creates bugs alongside. If there were scheduled timing to these updates in which they are thoroughly checked to see any bugs, then it would be better appreciated. Even though the bugs don’t last long, as the Krita software team is working tirelessly to see their users have a great experience, the bugs still affect workflow.

Limited features – Krita software has a long list of features but according to many designers and compared to photoshop, it doesn’t have enough. Most features on Krita are concentrated for artists more than for other users which explains the conclusion on the limited features.

Text inconsistencies– If you want to edit an image or start from scratch, Krista makes it a smooth experience but when it comes to the text, it isn’t. The texts are good but could be better when compared to photoshop.

Final thoughts

Both software is good options for creating awesome designs with their incredible features. However, the differences are the major reason they have been put together to be compared. Even though Krita has a great feature, it is a good option for beginners when a subscription to photoshop is not available. Photoshop has widespread functionality that Krita has been unable to meet up with and this rules photoshop as the world-leading software.

More so, Krita works with both beginners but professionals might not find it interesting to use especially when raster graphics need to be made. Also, with photoshop animations, web design, and other advanced designs are possible which is not the forte of Krita.

No doubt, this article has pointed you to the software that is mostly preferred because of the unique features. Yet, if you want to choose otherwise, don’t forget to go for Krita if you want to create paintings and sketches. But settle for photoshop when excellent video and image editing is paramount. Happy designing!

Krita vs Photoshop: Which One is Better
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Krita vs Photoshop: Which One is Better
In this article, you will not just have a good view of Krita and Photoshop, also you will know which one is the best for you.
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