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How to Draw a Deer Step by Step for Beginners

In Artists, Tutorials by Toni Justamante Jacobs

Welcome to another drawing tutorial. This time I will teach you how to draw a deer in a realistic style. I will teach you how you can draw a cool looking deer in 11 steps. So sharpen your pencil and get ready, because we are going to start drawing now: STEP 1: DRAW THE BODY First of all, you should …

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50 Concept Art Prop Designs You Don´t Wanna Miss

In Art, Artists by Toni Justamante Jacobs

In this article, we will showcase a collection of some of the most outstanding prop concept art designs you can find on the internet. These designs will inspire you to create your own props for your portfolio. This list of props is made of a variety of cool designs, from fantasy chests or magical potions to space pods and demonic …

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25 Free portfolio websites for artist and designers

In Art, Artists, Review by Toni Justamante Jacobs

As a visual artist, there is one thing you must never forget. You must never forget to show off your designs. Whether you are a UI/UX designer, a web designer, a graphic designer, a painter, or a sculptor, you have to display your designs to attract clients. Prospective clients, employers, and recruiters want to see what you have done so …

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Top 30 Drawing Books That Will Make You Draw Better

In Artists, Books, Review by Toni Justamante Jacobs

As a beginner, you need certain skills for you to get better at drawing. You need dedication, practice, and inspiration to get better. One of the most efficient ways to practice is to practice using drawing books. Drawing books will teach you the essentials of drawing and improve your skills. Dedication will ensure that you practice regularly and inspiration will …