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20 FireAlpaca Brush Sets You Can’t Miss

As a digital artist, your brushes and your canvas are the two most important things you need. Getting a new brush set depends on the type of work you’re going for. Different brushes have different textures and bristles which produce different intensity of strokes. You’ll need to be conversant with the type of stroke that each brush makes so that you do not purchase or download the wrong brush.

FireAlpaca is a program which enables digital artists to design, paint and draw however to do this you’ll need to acquire the brush sets. Luckily at Deviant Art we have all the types of brushes you could possibly want and this piece is aimed at showcasing 20 of the Fire Alpaca brush sets you need for your paintings.

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1. FireAlpaca Brush Pack 2

These particular brushes are from Dragonlore studios. There is so much diversity in the patterns that this brush set produces. It actually produces the same patterns that an actual brush would and this is why it’s so popular. You can download these via the link above under zero charges. It is absolutely free. You can use this brush set to make spots, bubbles, brick-like or even furry designs these brushes provide a good foundation for your projects. Each of the brushes come with different stroke intensities and once you get to see the difference in patterns, it makes your work much easier.

2. Cocobunnie’s monthlies cloud brushes

In case you’re wondering if these brushes produce clouds straight up, the answer is no. These brushes, however, mimic and represent the styles of different clouds depending on which you’re going for. You could whirl these around on your workspace and notice soft cloud like patterns. However, you probably may not want to use these brushes for all your artwork, they serve a special purpose and are perfect on some textures. Downloading this is easy and free, let your artwork have a sense of cool yet eerie feeling with this brush set.

3. FireAlpaca Brush pack 1

This is another brush set from Dragonlore studios and this particular set is for a more bold design. This set covers everything from dirt styles to leaves, cells and even grass like patterns. They’re very easy to use and you can download via the link. Most artists love the Ivy brush 1 from this set as it is bold yet for soft designs like moving birds or leaves. The Rough brush 2 mimics the pattern of a dark cloud or smoke and this could be great for animation based designs. Feel free to cop this brush set via the link and you’ll witness the designs come to life.

4. FireAlpaca Brush pack 9

This brush set is predominantly for foliage like designs. They are bold, soft and look good when used in the right way. This is another of the many brush sets from Dragonlorestudios and if this doesn’t work for you then you can check for others via their site. This particular brushes set comes out beautifully when painting trees, or the plant aspect of mother nature. You can also use these when painting clothes or hair like designs, you’ll absolutely love the result. This brush set hosts 16 brushes and each brush outlines a different design. To prevent errors, you may need to try them out before using them on your artwork.

5. Freebie brush pack

There is so much variety in this set. From bold to faint designs this set comes in handy. You could design butterflies, paint roses, animal furs, or simply use the textured pencil brush to design whatever pattern you want. The adjustable settings make this set very versatile as you can customize the brushes according to your specifics. One brush that’ll always be useful in this set is the textured pencil brush you can use this for scribbles or even to draw. This set has a little bit of everything and is another brush set from Cocobunnie’s.

6. Custom brushes by Ooupoutto’s

This set offers different digital textures, skins and details. The Ooupoutto’sdigital brushes are free for download and are best for beginners and professionals. The great thing about this particular set is that it offers a diverse type of brushes which come with setup instructions. There’s a brush to maneuver natal rough edges, one for water speckles, one for clouds or smoke, rough lines, scratches and lots more. All these brushes come with adjustable settings which you can customize to your preference. This brush set is for thick designs and paintings and you can even use it for inking and drawing as well. Just click the link above and download this set for free!

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7. Grass and feather brushes from Mo-fox

As the name implies these brushes are perfect for making either grass or feathery designs on your FireAlpaca workspace. This particular brush set by Mo-fox depicts designs of nature. The grass brushes come in different patterns mimicking different species of green grass, same with the feather brushes which mimics the design of floating feathers. Getting this brush set is cloud-like easy as all you need to do is to click on the link above.

8. FireAlpaca Brush pack by candydesufox

If you like thick and bold outlines then this brush set is designed for you. Made by Candydesufox who has released tons of similar brush sets, this set can be used anywhere, depending on the artist’s preference. The styles that accompany these brushes are very versatile. Some brushes make chunky designs and others make paint brush like designs. Combining the , however, from these brushes will leave you in awe of your artwork. However, if this is your first time using FireAlpaca, it is highly recommended that you get this brush set because not only will you make beautiful designs with it, you can also use it to make those final details on your work.

9. Brush pack

These brushes by Candydesufox but are only 5 in number. It incorporates the style of airbrush or water paint styles that you may find on CorelDRAW or another art platform. However, the designs that these brushes produce are pretty good even though it follows the previous set of brushes. The different color hues, width of brush stroke and texture makes an artist incapable of running out of ideas when using this set. For the full candydesufox effect, you may want to cop both packs via their different websites.

10. Cocobunnie’s sparkle brush pack

To design a night with the stars and clouds like this one, this is your go-to brush set. With different shapes, sizes and designs of stars that this brush set offers, your artwork is bound to look magical. Cocobunnie’s really did it with this brush set. Some brushes offer a more animated looking star, while others either resemble a sprinkle of pixie dust or a constellation of bright shining stars. Using this for your project really sets the nighttime tone and the best part is that it’s, however, free.

11. Chain brushes by Mo-fox

For chain designs, you cannot go wrong with this brush set. Whatever project you’re working on, however, if it requires chains this brush set by Mo-fox is the best free option you can get. There are only three brushes in this set and each brush offers a different chain design. All three designs are very useful but Chain brush 1 is the most conventional looking chain. Downloading this brush set is under 1MB and installation is easy as well. Click the link for more information.

12. FireAlpaca /Medibang paint brush

This brush set is widely used and has awesome reviews online. The maker of this brush set is AtsusaKaneytzaand the texture, outline, width and appearance that this brush set gives is simply unique. You could use the pencil brush for sketches, the oil-water brush for paintings or mixed brush for more hues. Using this brush set on animation gives an impeccable result. This is one brush set that offers the basics of both painting and drawing. It is easy to download and equally easy to use with adjustable settings to match your preference. Simply get this brush set or view artworks based on it by clicking on the link.

13. Splat brushes

Not many brush sets are perfect for depicting messes but the splat brush set by Mo-fox does it beautifully. Whether it is an oil splat or a liquid mess, this brush set can handle it. There are only three brushes in this set and as you know they each offer a different design. Check out the link for pictures of the different brushes.

14. Animal brush pack

This pack is a monthly set and this particular one is for the month of September. This brush set is all about the fur of animals which is usually hard to depict. However, this brush set is more for intermediate and professional artists who have experience in digital painting. The brushes offer soft yet firm hairy looking strokes and is another set by Cocobunnie’s. Just hit the link to see more patterns and how artists have used this brush set.

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15. Brush pack 8

This FireAlpaca brush pack by dragon lore studios is appreciated because of its style and designs. This brush set actually makes dark clouds and smoke looking designs. The 8 brushes that this set offer means 8 different types and intensities of dark clouds or balls of smoke with their different diverse textures and appearance. The edges of each brush are very unique and are displayed in the work. However, you can also use this brush set to mimic certain species of grass. The important thing is that you’re sure if which brush gives which design.

16. Multicolor pens

Relma2 produced this fun looking set of brushes that depict the stroke of pens. They are multicolored and can cloud-like when doing something colorful or kid-friendly. They come in two types. One can be edited and is adjustable by three colors, red white and blue making it perfect for America’s independence day drawings, while the second offers a rainbow of colors but only change when the source code is edited. These multicolor pens are sure to beautify your artworks.

17. Free scatter brush by Nuubles

If you’ve ever looked for little balls of light to add to your artwork then this is the brush set to download. This set has different intensities of light all scattered and beautiful and looks really good on nighttime artworks. Settings can be adjusted and it comes in three brushes. Just wave this brush over your work area and watch your artwork come to life. They look like a little clutter of fireflies and they’re very easy to download.

18. Brush pack #3

This brush set has five brushes but once you customize and personalize the settings it offers a wide variety to work with. These brushes are also generic and they can blend in with any typical art style that you know. Even if you’re painting or drawing, this brush set can handle it and lots more. Made by Cheapkrabsthese brushes have the basic necessity to cover any type of painting.

19. Converted brushes

This link hosts the different textures of brushes in this set. The converted brush set from Kittykittykittyzzwas converted from a Photoshop file and also possess some noticeable defaults. There is room to test drive the brushes to see which one you’re comfortable with, but generally, they feel somewhat original as well. This conversion was a great idea as Photoshop doesn’t offer a lot of compatibilities and with this brush set, one has access to the brushes on Photoshop without paying any fee.

20. Snowflake brushes

For that winter vibe on your artwork, this is the best brush set to use. With different types of snowflakes mimicked by the ten different brushes, this brush set is very effective. It has adjustable settings and some are even semi-transparent but they are generally very good. Made by Mo-fox, this brush set is specifically for winter projects.
These are the 20 best brush sets to use and they have specific purposes. The best news is that you can get all this for free by just clicking in the links above. Its value is guaranteed and you can get to work in no time.

20 FireAlpaca Brush Sets You Can’t Miss
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20 FireAlpaca Brush Sets You Can’t Miss
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