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3 Ways to Draw Spiderman

One fun thing everybody loves about Spiderman is his unique spider outfit. Drawing the Spiderman is even more fun when you capture every detail right? You might have tried drawing a Spiderman at one point and you got the drawing looking hilarious. Well, you don’t need to feel bad about it anymore because I would give you a breakdown on how best to approach your next Spiderman drawing.

This article contains guidelines on how to draw Spiderman in a static position, in action and also in the cartoon form. The first two poses, the static and the action, pose have similar steps but the cartoon pose just slightly differs.

Let’s get the tutorial started.I bet you are excited already to get your drawing tools!

Tutorial 1: Standing Spiderman

Step 1: Drawing the rib cage

·    We begin this pose with the drawing of the rib cage; you can start off with drawing a shape that looks similar to a circle with a short line that runs through a vertical distance around upper part of the circle. The circle will have some bumps in fronts to indicate the right and left sides of the rib cage.

·    You could highlight the sides of the rib cage with an inclined rectangle and don’t forget to add a semi-circle to create space for the core below the rib area.

Step 2:  Drawing the core and pelvic area

·    Next off is to draw the abdomen and the pelvic bone area.

·    You can make it easy if you start by drawing two curved-in lines to a reasonable extent and stopping the lines with somewhat like a pant shape.

·    The pant shape is the pelvic area and the lines that joins with it just forms the whole abdomen,

Step 3: Drawing the legs

·    The pose we are trying to draw here will not require the feet of spider man so we will focus on the thighs, the knee and the upper part of the shin.

·    You draw from the hips and down to the knees has shown in the example above. Remember to draw one leg farther than the other as this just depicts the heroic standing position of our dear superman.

Step 4: Drawing the arms

·    We would need to consider the arms into sections; the shoulders, the triceps, the biceps, the fore arms and the hands.

·    We start from the shoulders and then to the hands. The hands should be clenched to portray a readiness to fire web at any incoming threat.

Step 5: Drawing the head

·    The head in this case is facing sideways so you need to be careful how you draw the head.

·    A sphere will do with a flat side at just one side because of the angle the head is facing.

·    After drawing the sphere, then a vertical line across the center of the face as you consider the best fit before drawing the line.

·    After the vertical line, you will need to add a horizontal line across at the upper part of the face and that’s it for the head.

Step 6: Drawing the final line

·    This is the point where you add the eyes to your Spiderman drawing. This is a masked drawing, so you will just need to draw a bulging oval shape in the eye part and highlight the shape round about to add more details.

Step 7: Detailing the character

·    Superman needs to have a spider on his chest so this is what we are doing next. Just draw a spider in the middle of the Spiderman’s chest as shown in the drawing example.

·    After that, your artistic style would be required to fill in the details of this character. Draw as many beautifully laid boxes and lines as you can while minding the overall superman look.

Step 8: Painting the base colors

·    Painting of Spiderman is a little bit technical but you can surely pull it off with the right colors.

·    The character just need to be filled in with blue and red colors mainly and a little bit of white for the eyes and black for the spider and some hidden details as shown in the example.

Step 9: Painting the shadows

·    The shadow is the next after the base colors. The upper waist downwards is where the shadow on my drawing seems to appear and you can just paint the shadow in the same way to focus more on the chest upwards.

Step 10: Painting the lights

·    This is the final step before framing your Spiderman.

·    We will be adding lights to the character witha lighter shade of red and blue to bring out the character’s face and chest area more.

If you are considering drawing the Spiderman in a ready position to fire his web, then you won’t take in those drawing tools into the store yet as we go through the next tutorial.

Tutorial 2: Spiderman in action

Step 1: Drawing the Rib cage

·    The Spiderman will be squatting for this pose, so your rib cage will be slightly bent downwards.

·    The ribcage will be facing forward this time and will be much easier to draw. Don’t forget to expand the rib cage a little bit as the squatting position demands such.

Step 2: Drawing the core and pelvic area

·    The next step is drawing the core and then the pelvic area. The pelvic area would be a little smaller than the previous pose as seen in the example.

·    With just few arcs, this part of the body will be drawn out quickly.

Step 3: Drawing the legs

·    This looks quite hard but follow closely the get a feel of how easy it can be drawn

·    Let’s start from the left leg; the shin is drawn in a way that overlaps the thigh.

·    The knee is greatly pronounced and this leaves little attention for the missing curves of the thigh.

·    The right leg is inclined at a higher angle than the left and both feet are raised without the toes in sight.

Step 4:Drawing the arms

·    The arms are thrown backwards as the Spiderman’s character is ready to shoot.

·    Take it gently from the shoulders, then down to the triceps and the biceps.

·    The hands are opened to give out the web weapon as shown in the diagram.

Step 5: Drawing the head

·    The head is looking down so just a spherical shape will account for that.

·    The detailed part of the face is similar to when the character is standing.

Step 6: Drawing the final line

·    The next step is drawing the lines on the face and even the entire body of the character as that of the example.

·    Don’t forget to include the spider and highlight the eyes.

Step 7: Detailing the character

·    The shin needs extra attention here as you would be bringing out the Spiderman’s shoes from it.

·    In this step, we will point out the color boundaries with pencils before going to paint in the next step.

Step 8: Painting the base colors

·    Your red color will be fit from the head to the middle part of the body and the shoes.

·    Then thethighs and the sides all the way from the under of the arms will be painted blue.

Step 9: Painting the shadows

·    If we imagine the lights to be shinning directly from above the head, the shadow of the character will be painted in the lower part which is the thigh.

·    The color base used for the shadow should be darker from the one used above and the parts to be colored are just the areas that the shadow falls on.

Step 10: Painting the lights

·    After carefully filling in the shadow, you will need to increase the tone in the upper part.

·    Just add some other brighter shades of blue and red and your Spiderman’s action picture is ready.

If you are interested in more superheroes drawing tutorials, don’t forget to visit our “Comic Characters Tutorials” section.

Cartoon Spiderman (beware of the web)

The cartoon Spiderman drawing is just you drawing the character in a whole new perspective. Come along to see how:

Step 1: Drawing the torso

·    The torso will appear a little bigger than the other previous drawings.

·    Cartoon style just means the torso will take more space than even the legs this time around so take note from he example.

Step 2: Drawing the legs

·    The only part that would be so visible is the thigh and a little bit of the shin.

·    We are looking at short legs here so that means less work right?

·    The left leg will show an angle while the right leg will just appear slightly bent.

Step 3: Drawing the arms

·    Compared to the torso, the arms will be smaller. This way, the animation style that we are trying to achieve is easy to do.

·    The hands should also be of a considerable smaller size and would be positioned in a way that is ready to draw out the spider web.

Step 4: Drawing the heads

·    This is where the real cartoon picture of Spiderman starts forming.

·    From perspective the drawing is being viewed from, the head should be about three times the real size. A big circle, which is the head, should be seen sitting on the neck of the drawing with horizontal and vertical lines across.

Step 5: Drawing the final line

·    The lines needed in our drawing now are just for giving the eyes details and for the whole body.

·    As seen in the example, you might just want to start forming the web lines from the right hand with small sketches.

Step 6: Painting the base colors

·    Now, we move to base color painting which is not complicated at all.

·    Just use the same blue and red as before and you are good to go.

Step 7: Painting the shadows

·    You will need some shadows on your painting with just similar colors of your other paintings.

·    Don’t forget to consider where the lights will be coming from.

Step 8: Painting the lights

·    The final step is just to make the head and the upper part of the arms lightened with some bright colors.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorials; start off with any one of these for your next Spiderman’s drawing.

Artist: Toni Justamante Jacobs

Writer: Eseandre

3 Ways to Draw Spiderman
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3 Ways to Draw Spiderman
This article contains guidelines on how to draw Spiderman in a static position, in action and also in the cartoon form. The first two poses, the static and the action, pose have similar steps but the cartoon pose just slightly differs.
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