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How to Draw Tracer from Overwatch

Hi art lovers, so if you are a big fan of the overwatch game, then we’re about to embark on a fun-filled ride. Today’s drawing tutorial is one that’s centered on none other than Tracer an ex-agent of the International Task Force and an adventurer. Now those that are suckers of overwatch know that one thing that sets Tracer apart from other fictional characters on overwatch is her amazing piloting skills she got subsequent to being in the Royal air force of Britain. That said, in this tutorial, we would be drawing Tracer from start to finish in eight steps. The more familiar you are with the pieces of each step, the more naturalistic your artwork will be.  To do this, we will begin by sketching out a dummy which we would use as a foundation towards creating our masterpiece. So, my art lovers having said that, let’s get to creating this stunner!.

How To Draw Tracer:

Our aim in this tutorial is to get you to draw a well detailed and naturalistic image of Tracer. To help you achieve this, we have set in place an eight steps guide you should follow.

Step 1: Drawing The Torso:

As shown in the above image, Tracers torso is drawn in a full frontal view with curvy lines almost in the shape of figure eight. Her waistline goes in as a way of outlining her feminine curves. Going across her upper torso are three horizontal lines. Two wavy lines directly under her bust and a straight line at her chest region. I would also draw a slanted line to link up with the straight line as though attempting to outline a bra top. Still at the upper torso by the left angle of her shoulder region where her arm would emerge from, you should draw an arc that connects to the slanted line. At the top of the torso in the middle of her shoulders, you should draw a slight extension to signify her neck where her head would sit on.

Now for the lower torso, you would want to focus on creating a foundation for the drawing of the legs. Using the image as a guide, simply draw out a ladies underwear and include an oval shape at the left side. This is the base for the legs. Having gotten the lines right, let’s take on drawing the legs.

Step 2: Drawing The Legs:

Our character will be drawn standing in a relaxed way with her legs far apart. Nothing too complicated. Building up from the foundation created for her legs, her legs would be taken in parts and would be divided by three horizontal lines.  One at her thighs, the second directly above her knees and the last directly under her knees. The first part being her upper hips would be drawn as though drawing a tube and would be broad due to her feminine curves. Going on from there it should gradually narrow down to her knees and then to her ankles as depicted in the image. You should observe the curvy lines used as you draw

Step 3: Drawing The Arms:

Next up, we are going to draw Samus with one hand on her hips and the other hand up as though saluting. To get this, beginning from the opening earlier created for her arms on the left view, draw two lines that extend out and then returns back towards her lower torso and the beginning of her hips. Carefully direct your lines so it doesn’t go longer than necessary. As your drawing gets to the wrist the distance between each line should get slimmer. Draw a short line across the wrist and then go on to draw the hand and fingers as seen in the above picture. You should also note that this arm is marked by three lines going across it. One at the wrist, the other at the upper arm and the last at the lower arm close to the elbow.

The right arm of this character would be drawn upwards as though giving a salute. To do this, imagine trying to make ninety degrees. From the opening of the arm, draw two lines that extend out. The lower line should be longer as this would create her elbow. From the elbow gradually direct your lines up. As your drawing gets to the wrist the distance between each line should get slimmer. Using the image as a guide draw her hand open. Ensure to put the four lines across her arms. Two at her upper arm and two at her lower arm.

Step 4: Drawing The Head:

The head should be drawn as a medium-sized circle with the chin area being slightly narrow and pointed. Within this circle, there should be two lines that cross at the middle. This is especially useful for including the face details.

Step 5: Drawing The Face Details:

Using the lines as a guide, draw out the eyes, nose, and mouth as shown in the above image. This is also a good place to sketch out her spiked hair.

Step 6: Drawing The Body Details:

Here is the exciting point of this tutorial, where we get to play dress up. All the body details of our character would be added inclusive of her costume. Before we get drawing, the image of the dummy already created would need to be faded out. So go on and slightly erase it. This is done so it does not interrupt with your detailing. With the faded traces of the dummy, draw out the final lines and body details. You can take it part by part beginning from the torso.

Step 7: Painting The Base Colors:

Here is the point we roll out our colors such as green, black, orange and grey to touch up our already stunning character. The idea behind this is getting her to be perfect. You are furnishing her with that ten over ten looks.

Step 8: Painting The Shadows And Lights:

Painting shadows and lights are necessary for giving that naturalistic view to your artwork, therefore, making it a masterpiece. As a beginner, here are guides to help you cover this step.


At this point, we close the curtain and call it a wrap. You can go on and bask in the joy of finally getting a tracer on paper. However, as they say, practice makes perfect. So repeat this drawing from start to finish. This would enable you get to a point where you can do great without a tutorial.

Writer: Eseandre

Artist: Sunariman

How to Draw Tracer from Overwatch
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How to Draw Tracer from Overwatch
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