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Learn to Draw Kaneda from Akira in 7 Easy Steps

Welcome to another tutorial. Here, I will teach you how to draw Kaneda from the Akira manga series. Kaneda, an antiheroic character is the co- protagonist of the Akira manga franchise. He is also the leader of B?s?zoku, a motorcycle gang in the series.

I have made this step by step tutorial pretty easy to follow and it will guide you through the entire process so you can learn how to easily draw the carefree delinquent leader in the Akira series. Our goal is to draw a full body image of Kaneda and we will be drawing a full frontal view. We will start drawing a dummy, which we will use as a base for our final sketch.

So, how to draw Kaneda?

If you want to draw Kaneda from Akira manga, simply follow these 7 steps:

Step 1- Drawing the Torso

Kaneda will be captured in a mid-walk so although we will be drawing a full frontal view of our character, the torso will be drawn in a slight 3/4 angle because of the pose. Draw a horizontal curve line across the torso just below the pectoral muscles. This line will separate the chest region from the lower torso.

You can also draw two short curve lines across the lower torso to represent the abdominal muscles are. Remember to draw an ellipse on top of the torso and on the upper right side, the ellipses indicate where the head and the right arm will be inserted respectively.

Step 2- Drawing the legs

Remember that we are drawing our character in a mid-walk so naturally, one leg will be placed in front of the other. As illustrated in the image, the left leg is slightly pulled back while the right leg is completely visible.

• The Thighs

The thighs will be drawn as huge tubes, the wider side will be connected to the hips while the thinner part is where the thighs will be connected to the knees.

• The calves and shins

For the calves and shins, we will draw slightly convex curves from the knees to the point of connection with the feet being the ankles. Now, remember that the lower part of the right leg is slightly pulled back so the lines for the calf and shin will be shorter than those on the right leg.

• The Knees

The right knee will be indicated with an ellipse, however, there will be no clear demarcation for the left knee. Kaneda will be casually dressed so there is really no need to indicate where the kneecaps will be placed.

Step 3- Drawing the arms

Next, we will draw Kaneda’s arms. While both arms are in full view, the right hand is placed on the hips (the hand is actually placed in the pocket as I will explain in later steps) while the left arm will be drawn casually placed beside the torso. Again, because our character is just a casually dressed teenage boy, there will be no need to draw the shoulders.

• The biceps and triceps

Use a straight line descending from the shoulder to the elbow to represent the triceps on both arms. The biceps will be represented with relatively shorter lines connecting the shoulder to the elbow.

• The Forearms

Draw the forearms as tubes which become progressively thinner as you get closer to the wrists. While the elbow will be more or less aligned with the arc of the ribcage, the wrists will be aligned with the hips.

• The hands

Kaneda’s right hand will be placed in the pocket of his pants, hidden from the viewer’s perspective. However, his thumb will be drawn as it sticks out of the pocket and you can use a trapezoid to represent the small back of the hand that is still visible. The left hand while not completely hidden is not completely visible either. Apart from the thumb and index finger which join at the tips to form an “O”, the rest of the hand is not visible. Use small rectangles to represent the two visible fingers.

Step 4- Drawing the Head

Remember the ellipse you drew on top of the torso in step one? Great, now draw out two very short lines on the ellipse, this will serve as the neck on which we will now draw our character’s head. For the head, draw a sphere, slightly flattened on both sides and pointed at the bottom. Next, draw a vertical line and a horizontal line (draw the horizontal line slightly above the center if the face) across it, this will help you indicate where the facial features will be placed. The ears will be located more or less at the same height as the horizontal line.

Step 5- Drawing the Final Line Art

Now for the fun part, we are going to dress up our character. Like I explained earlier, Kaneda is just a regular teenage boy so his clothes will be causal wears, nothing fancy or exaggerated.

• Torso and arms

For the upper part of his body, Kaneda is wearing a jacket, the sleeves are rolled up and folded just a little below the elbow. You will use markings around this region to represent the creases on the jacket. The collar of the jacket is also popped and the zipper is halfway done to reveal a vest worn underneath it.

• The legs

The legs are fully covered in regular pants. You can draw a line along the crotch region to represent the zipper on his pants. Draw his shoes using simple geometric shapes and curve lines

• The head

Kaneda has a head full of hair which fully covers his head and his entire forehead. Draw his eyes and nose using circular shapes and his mouth will be represented with a short straight line to make it look like his lips are firmly pressed together.

If you wanna learn which are the Art supplies we use for drawing and painting you can visist the Recommended supplies and Recommended tablets sections.

Step 6- Painting the Base Colors

Once you have outlined your drawing, painting should be pretty easy. Pick out the colors as shown in the illustration and paint each area with solid colors. Do not use too saturated colors for your paintings, the less saturated your colors are, the more freedom you will have to make changes in case you want to make the image more vibrant afterward.

Step 7- Painting the Shadows

This is the last step for this tutorial. Shading will make the image more three dimensional by giving it a sense of depth and volume. Use a darker tone of the base color or the area you want to paint your shadows. For example, in the illustration above, I used a darker tone of red to shade the area under the arms. This method is pretty easy and it also doesn’t complicate the painting as a whole.


That brings us to the end of my tutorial on how to draw Kaneda and it is now your turn to create your own rendition. My recommendation is to stick closely to the guide if you want to achieve similar results to mine. If you are interested in more free step by step drawing tutorials similar to this one, kindly visit the Drawing Tutorials section.

I hope this tutorial was useful to you. If you have any doubt or question please leave it on the comment section, this will encourage me to keep working in new tutorials and articles.

How to Draw Kaneda from Akira
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