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Learn to Draw Wolverine from X-Men in 8 Easy Steps

Marvel comics is known for its notable characters and one of the many awesome popular characters is the wolverine. The Wolverine character in X-men is a very interesting drawing to attempt. With the fangs and scary masked face, you sure have a beautiful yet dreadful character to work on. Drawing the character can be a little tricky but it can be a lot easier if you follow this tutorial carefully. This tutorial contains step by step description of how to go through a successful Wolverine drawing.

Step 1: Drawing the torso and the hips

We will start off with the drawing the chest area. The ribs, abdomen and pelvic area are the three basic sections here.
The torso would be drawn such that it is skewed to a side like the Wolverine is ready for battle.
The ribs will have a dividing line that runs vertically through the middle.
Across the lower part of the rib, we would draw a not too straight line to divide into sections.
With the posture we are trying to achieve, only the right armhole will be visible.
The right shape for this hole is a sphere as seen in the example.
After that, the pelvis will be drawn just below the abdomen. The line that cuts through the ribs should extend towards the waistline.
You can decide to put some extra lines on the rib cage area to give details and also drawn a circle for where the head will be seated.

Step 2: Drawing the legs

The Wolverine is always seen in an action mood so the legs would be positioned as such.
The legs would be considered in three sections: the thigh, the knee, and the shin. The feet and a larger part of the shin will not be considered here as it is not really necessary.
We start from the thighs advancing from the pelvic hole and inclined at different angles from the hole.
The left thigh, as seen in the example, will be almost at a 45° to the shin while the right thigh is drawn facing the front.
Don’t forget to put a circle at the knee point to make the knee bone more pronounced.

Step 3: Drawing the arms

The next thing we would be drawing is the arms.
We would section this as well to simplify the drawing.
Start drawing from the shoulders and insert your triceps and then the biceps.
After that, all we do is to draw the forearms and arms
The Wolverine will be having clenched fists for both hands because this is how he fights with his long scary fangs.

Step 4: Drawing the head

Next in line is the construction of the Wolverine´s head.
The head will be drawn with a sphere that is flat at both ends. The head is not totally facing the direction of the body so that should be considered when drawing it.
Then draw two lines on the face, one vertical and one horizontal crossing at the middle of the head.

Step 5: Drawing the final line art

The next step is where your drawing begins to look more like a Wolverine character.
The Wolverine has two small horns (emerging from the mask)  at the left and right side of the head so this is what we put next.
Two straight lines will be drawn at the shoulder area to complete the Wolverine´s outfit.
What follows on the drawing is the belt with the wolverine sign at the middle of it.
The gladiator shoes that reaches the knee follows next with wide semi-circles to account for the arcs below the knees.
The fangs which are the most important part of Wolverine ready- to-attack pose is added after.
Now the perspective we are drawing the character from will require to show just one fang on the right hand but it would be made thicker to indicate that it is more than one. The left hand will clearly show the three long sharp fangs.
The lines that you add to show more details should all be in line with the body structure of the drawing
Don’t try to put unnecessary lines and don’t leave the body looking incomplete.
Follow the example for more details to put on your drawing, like the lines at the chest area and at the thighs to show more depth.

If you wanna learn more about how to draw Human anatomy feel free to check my step by step tutorial.

Step 6: Painting the base colors

The colors needed here is basically four which are yellow for the greater part of the body, red for the belt, black for the gloves, mask, shoes and fangs and darkish brown for the skin.
So you just need to fill the colors into where they fit. But, be careful not to mix up the colors in your drawing because it is quite technical. Yet, you can make a close look at the example and you will do just great.

Step 7: Painting the shadows

The shadows would need just darker shade of the colors we used previously.
Then, you need to have a perspective of where the light will be shining from. This is very important for the shadow effect.
The example above happens to have the shadow at the upper part of the body, so from the hips upwards, we will use of darker colors to create a shadow on the chest, the pelvic area and beneath the thighs.
The lower areas of the drawing should be left untouched until the next step.

Step 8: Painting the lights

The final and most essential step is to highlight with brighter paints.
We will focus more lights on the area that wasn’t shadowed in the last step this include: the right arm, the thighs, and the shin.
The areas that have been previously darkened will be untouched to complement this painting.

If you are interested in more Comic Character Tutorials feel free to check the Drawing Tutorials section.
So that’s it, we have successfully drawn the Wolverine and he is ready to war again. Hope yours was much better than mine? You would need to keep practicing to get it if you didn’t get it looking spectacular the first time. Good luck!

Artist: Toni justamante Jacobs

Writer: Eseandre

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