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Learn To Draw Samus From Metroid In 7 Easy Steps

Hello everyone, so in today’s tutorial, I will be showing you in seven steps how to draw one of the most interesting fictional characters rocking the gaming world. It’s none other than Samus Aran the intergalactic reward hunter from Metroid. You will learn how to draw a flawless image of Samus from start to finish. This image would feature her powered space suit, her cape, her gadgets, and her energy weapons and missiles. How dope is that?!.

The better acquainted you are with the pieces of each step, the more realistic your drawing will be. We will begin by drawing a manikin. This would serve as a foundation upon which we would build up until we attain the final sketch. Who is excited? Let’s start!.

So, How To Draw Samus?

Getting a flawlessly detailed image of Samus would require you following seven basic steps.

A)    Drawing the Torso.

B)    Drawing the legs

C)    Drawing the arms.

D)    Drawing the Head

E)    Drawing the cape, weapons, and gadgets.

F)    Drawing the final line art.

G)    Painting the colors.

Step 1: Drawing The Torso:

As illustrated in the above picture, Samus torso would be divided into two parts by a vertical line. There would be a further dividing horizontal curve line. These lines would enable you to understand the positioning of the torso. For the horizontal line, the upper torso depicts the ribcage and bust area while the lower torso depicts Samus abdominal muscles. You should also bear in mind that our character would be drawn using a 3/4  drawing scale. This means one side of the character would be larger in size than the other. Naturally, the side closer to the viewer should be larger. In the image, the left side of Samus is closer to the viewer, hence its bigger size. Going on, I would put a mark at the top of the torso signifying where the head will be. I would also draw a medium sized circle at the upper left side of the torso, precisely where the shoulder is. The circle serves as a pointer to where our characters arm will be fixed. You should also note that getting the lines right is important as this can make or mar her space suit and we don’t want to mar it, do we?

Step 2: Drawing The Legs:

Before we go right into drawing the legs, we need to sketch out where it would fit. I prefer to do this by giving the character a swimsuit pant with a circle at the left as seen in the above image. The circle would represent where our characters legs would emerge from.  

Our character will be drawn on her feet. This is nothing too serious. Just a relaxed standing position with her legs not too far apart.  We’re starting from the thighs and they would be drawn in the likeness of a tube from her waist and gradually reducing as it goes down to her knee cap. However we should remember Samus is a lady, so those ladylike curves have to be present in her hips as shown in the above image.  Also, remember the 3/4 drawing scale in your drawings.

Next up, try and fix the knee in by drawing two horizontal lines one on top of the other where the knee should be. Within each line, you should fix in a small circle. After that, go on and complete the drawing of the leg by connecting the knees to the ankle using curve lines as shown in the image and draw the feet in a 3/4 angle while making sure the side facing the viewers is bigger.

Step 3: Drawing The Arms.

Next up we will draw the arms of our character. Begin by drawing a big circle at the shoulder level of each side of the torso. Next up draw the upper arm in the form of a tube that begins directly under those circles. Gradually reduce its width as you get to the elbow. Draw a horizontal line across the elbow and from there draw the lower arm. This should also be drawn in the form of a tube that thins towards the wrist. Depict the wrist using a short line and then draw the hands and fingers of Samus using the image as a guide.

You should note that the although the other arm of Samus should be smaller due to 3/4 drawing, you should, however, make it slightly longer as this arm would carry Samus famous gun.

Step 4: Drawing The Head:

The head of Samus should be drawn like a small circle and within that circle should be two lines that cross at the middle as depicted in the image.

Step 5: Drawing The Cape, Weapons, And Gadgets.

Samus is known for her gun which of usually attached to her right hand of her suit and her cape that hangs from her shoulders and goes all the way down towards her ankle. To get the drawing of the gun, you can simply draw a cylindrical shape into her space suits right hand and flesh it out with the lines you see. Then include her cape by highlighting the starting of the cape from her shoulders and draw the cape resting on her back by using wavy lines behind her.

If you wanna learn which are the Art supplies we use for drawing and painting you can visit the Recommended supplies and Recommended tablets sections.

Step 6: Drawing The Final Line Art:

For the exciting part of this tutorial, you will have to play dress up on our character by adding all the details of the space suit from start to finish. However, before you get busy with that, try fading out the drawing of the dummy or manikin a little. This should be done so it does not interrupt with your flow and detailing. Using the remaining traces of the dummy, start by drawing the final lines of the head. Our character usually wears a helmet that encloses everywhere except the eyes. Draw the helmet out as seen in the image. Next up add the fine line arts as seen in the image taking its body part by body part. You can take it from the torso and gradually work your way through.

Step 7: Painting The Colors:

Here is the last hurdle and it basically involves you touching up your already amazing character with the necessary colors. You want to take her from amazing to a masterpiece. So pull out your blue, orange, yellow, green and red colors and let’s get coloring.


This is where we call it a wrap. You can go on and smile at your work of perfection. However, remember to practice the drawing repeatedly on your own, so you get to a point where you can create something stunning without a tutorial.  

How to Draw Samus from Metroid
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Getting a flawlessly detailed image of Samus would require you following seven basic steps. A) Drawing the Torso. B) Drawing the legs C) Drawing the arms. D) Drawing the Head E) Drawing the cape, weapons, and gadgets. F) Drawing the final line art. G) Painting the colors.
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