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Learn to Draw Drift from Fortnite in 7 Easy Steps

We do know that one of the things currently rocking the entertainment world is video games and Fortnite video game is on top of the gaming chart. Its unrivaled position is due to its game content, amazing character, and great action plot and activities. What’s more, we do love Fortnite because of the vast array of skins it possesses. Most of its skins can be unlocked by reaching tiers and battle pass levels. One of such skins is drift. Drift is a legendary skin and Is in the form of a gorgeous looking avatar who is clad in black pants, a sleeveless shirt, and a black mask. Going on, in this tutorial we would be drawing drift from start to finish and we would be doing this in seven easy steps. The better acquainted you are with each step, the more naturalistic your drawing will be. Also, you should note that before we get drawing we would be creating a dummy. This would serve as a base for the creation of our final sketch. Excited?! Let’s get drawing.

So, How To Draw Drift From Fortnite

In this tutorial, we would be drawing Drift in all his glory and we would do this in seven easy steps. Each step should be followed strictly in order for you to arrive at a flawless and realistic final sketch. With that said, let’s begin.

Step 1: Drawing The Torso

Using the image as a guide, our character’s torso would be drawn using the 3/4 drawing scale. This simply means that the right view facing the audience would be bigger in size than the left view. The torso would also be divided into two by a straight vertical line. Having drawn that, go on to divide the torso by two horizontal lines. The first horizontal line should be drawn to highlight the collar bone region and the second should be drawn beneath the chest to highlight the chest region. With that done, go on to draw the lines within the torso that highlights our characters muscular build. Next up, create a base for our character’s hands by drawing a medium-sized circle at the upper right side of the torso. Also, the top of the torso should have an extension. This is essentially a neck for drifts head. Going on, the bottom of the torso should be shaped small like a man’s underwear. At the right side of the bottom of the torso, draw a circle. This serves as the base for our characters legs. Having drawn that, let’s go on to draw the head.

Step 2: Drawing The Head

Our characters head would be drawn like a medium sized oval shape. However, the chin should be pointed and angled. With that done, draw the facial details and the spiky short hair of drift.

Step 3: Drawing The Legs

Drifts should be drawn on his feet with his legs slightly apart. The legs should be started off like big tubes which gradually reduces as it gets to the knees. After the knees, the legs should extend out again and gradually get smaller till it gets to the ankles. After that, draw the feet as seen in the above picture. Lastly, complete the legs by drawing four horizontal lines on each leg. Two at the upper part of each leg, and two at the lower part of each leg. Having covered that, let’s take on drawing the arms.

Step 4: Drawing The Arms

Using the above picture as a guide Drift´s right arm would be drawn placed by his side and the left arm would be drawn raised and his biceps being flexed. When drawing the arms, the 3/4 drawing scale would be used. This means that the right arm should be slightly bigger than the left arm. Each arm should be drawn as a big tube that reduces as it gets to the elbow region. The right arm should then slightly extend out and gradually reduce as it gets to the wrist. The palm should then be drawn clenched as though forming a fist. The left arm on its part should continue at the same size from the elbow region to the wrist and the palm should then be drawn clenched as though forming a fist. Finally, using the above image as a guide, draw the lines within the arms which highlight our characters biceps and triceps. Also, draw the horizontal lines in the lower arms. This would be useful for drawing drifts outfit later.

Step 5: Drawing The Outfit

For this stage, our dummy would be faded out slightly and the traces left would be used to draw the outfit. So go on and slightly fade the dummy out then draw his black pants, his sleeveless white shirt, and black face mask.

If you wanna learn which are the Art supplies we use for drawing and painting you can visit the Recommended supplies and Recommended tablets sections.

Step 6: Painting The Base Colors

Here’s where our drawing gets exciting and colorful as we would be introducing the base colors to our character. So pull out your white, your black and your brown and let’s paint ourselves a stunner.

Step 7: Painting The Shadows

For this stage, we would be painting dark spots on our character. These are spots where light rays are not seen. Such shadows are evident in our characters arms and shirt in the above picture. So pull out darker complementary colors and use them to paint the shadows as seen.


At this point, your drawing should be impressive. However, don’t call it done just yet. Practice is vital for mastery. So go over the above tutorial a couple of times more. In due time you would be able to draw any character of your choice without the need for a tutorial.

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Learn to Draw Drift from Fortnite in 7 Easy Steps
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Learn to Draw Drift from Fortnite in 7 Easy Steps
A) Drawing the Torso B) Drawing the Head C) Drawing the Legs D) Drawing the Arms E) Drawing the Outfit F) Painting the Base Colors G) Painting the Shadows
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