Krita has made being an artist easier and enjoyable. Apart from the numerous options available to make your drawings stand out, there are tons of brushes for different effects. While some are entirely free, others are available for a little extra fee. All in all, we have put together a great selection of Krita brushes, and you can check them out here. 

Before we start let me remind you that we have a full article on the best free brush packs for Krita. You can find the article clicking here.

Free Krita brushes

We kick off our list with the free Krita brushes that you can download and have access to immediately.

As is typical with a lot of artists, you will have to add forest vegetation to some of your artworks. What better way to do it than with the Krita forest vegetation 3? Apart from the good news that this tool is completely free, it also has tons of brush types to pick from. Depending on your preference, you can add a little bit of color with this vegetation brush. This brush has several strokes to create the vegetation that suits your drawing. You can easily control the texture, edges, and thickness using the settings tool.

Unlock more of your creativity with the Krita custom grass brush. The different types available range from thicker grasses to little shrubs. You will love the flexibility that this tool provides, and of course, it is free. There are about six different types of grass brushes available in this brush pack, and you can explore their various effects. The custom grass brushes are more realistic than you would expect, and they do make nature look amazing in your drawings.

This Krita grass brush is more animated than the custom grass brush bundle. With just a simple flick of the brush, you have grasses of different colors, including purple, orange, red, and green. This brush is easy to use. What you have with this tool is a thicker grass effect that looks soft on the eyes. It is also less grainy, and you can give it a more defined look using the settings option.

MyPaint Leaf Brush, which is compatible with Krita, produces a realistic tree effect. With this leaf brush, you can create a combination of light and dark green leaves, producing a lovely tree. Soft strokes deliver just the right level of thickness, and you can wrap it up with green grasses surrounding the tree. With this free leaf brush, you have well-defined images with rough edges. It leaves some blur lines with blend well with the overall effect. With all the colors of nature in this palette, it is a must-have collection.

One great advantage of using Krita is that you can use this alongside some photoshop brushes. One of these tools is this Photoshop leaf brush preset. The effects are more dot-like, with the light green and dark green option. In the end, the effects bring about cleaner edges with a crisp overall outlook. This brush is quite easy to master. For a softer feel, you can control this with the settings making the brush strokes lighter.

The free May2016 brushes consist of a colorful set of brush strokes to create natural-looking environment effects. The brushes have a beautiful finish with lots of realistic vegetation. This May2016 brush is easy to use, and there is no limit to the effects that you can create with this flexible tool. You can also use this brush tool to create fluffy vegetation with a neat overall look. 

The Material and Vegetation brush is a floral tool that is cool yet unique. Despite being a free tool, it is impressive enough to be a premium brush. The finished effect is professional and packs quite a punch. Not only does it make your illustration look more animated, but it also gives a blurry yet unique texture. This material and vegetation brush helps bring nature to life in your art. 

Premium Krita brushes

Just like we have the free bundles, some other Krita brushes cost a few more dollars but are absolutely worth it. Here are some worth mentioning. 

The environment brushes for Krita 3 cost $4.79 but is well worth this amount. With this kit, you have more control over the direction of the brush stroke, giving you more defined brush effects. You have different textures ranging from the soft and fluffy, which blend well with the environment to the thick ones which look distinct against the background. The effects are also very realistic, and you can use it to draw furs.

Also available at $4.79, this environment and forest vegetation bundle gives your drawing a more animated look. With different settings, you can decide to let the strokes uniquely blend into each other or give different shades that look even better. There is a lot more flexibility when using this bundle, and it does an excellent job of painting vegetation just the way you like it.

 Available based on subscription, the manga floral brushes are gorgeous. The floral effects are realistic and bold without looking too smudged at the edges. Whether you are using soft or thick strokes, the results are well-defined to make them look as real as possible. There are tons of options to pick from to create the floral brushes, and the texture is just right for whatever context. 


Your brush palette could be the difference between creating the best drawings and creating those that are not that great. By adding these brush bundles to your collection, you are on your way to unlocking more creative effects and exploring better options as an artist. It could be difficult depicting your natural environment in drawings but not when you have these Krita nature brushes. So, do not hesitate to download them and check out what they can do. 


Toni Justamante Jacobs, Senior Concept Artist, Illustrator, and Blogger.

Eseandre Andrews, professional writer.

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