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12 Hair and Fur Brush Packs for Clip Studio Paint

For online digital artists, having the right set of brushes to create realist looking textures, especially in animals is crucial. The brushes here bring your images to life, and you only have to try it to truly appreciate the beauty in the strokes, lines, and textures of the brushes.

In this article, we will present you 12 amazing hair and fur brush packs, available on Clip Studio Paint. While some are free; you have to pay for others. However, they are designed to give realistic-looking hair and fur to your painting. They are also great at adding softness, delicate, and finesse in your artwork.

Before we start with the list let me remind you that we have a full article on the best free and premium brush packs for Clip Studio Paint. You can find the article clicking here.


Creating soft and delicate textures just got easier with this free fur brush set on Clip Studio Paint. For artists looking to attain realistic look hair-like or fur-like textures, this is for you. In this set, there are three brush textures, all of which produce different strokes and results. This brush set is particularly suited for fur and hair, especially in characters like dogs, wolves, or bears. It will also produce an excellent result for human hair if you know how to move your wrist.


Now hair and fur painting is simple and real with Imgur. This Imgur 7 fur and hair brushes are the perfect addition to your collection, it is all available for free too. These seven brush set allows you to create every texture from fine, soft, curly, and fizz without stress. If you are looking for something like Painterly but can’t afford the premium charge, these set from Imgur on Clip Studio will offer the same finish and quality to all your artistic creation absolutely free.

Free Fur Brush for Clip Studio Paint : learnart

If you are looking for organic and natural-looking fur texture for your painting for free, head on to DeviantArt Page and download this brush set to use in your next artwork. It is compatible with Clip Studio Paint Pro but can be adjusted if you a canvas with lower resolution. Either way, it is an amazing set of fluffy fur and fuzz brushes that allows you to create beautiful furry textures on your character. Designed by Chayemor, get all your animal character looking fluffy, especially animals.

Free Fur Brush For Clip Studio Paint/Man #1554964 - PNG Images - PNGio

If you are looking for fur brushes that are compatible with most applications, you might want to try this brush set of 4 designed by RotenBlut and available for download on Clip Studio Paint for free.

With soft, fluffy strokes, add definition and depth to your artwork. Available in 4 options, you can define every strand in your character, making it fluffier and softer. A great fur brush set for all artists.


These custom designed brushes by Lycienne are your way to adding softness and texture to hair and fur at your own discretion. Made specifically for Clip Studio Paint, they are a fine hairy addition that works well to render and blend hair and fur beautifully. If you are seriously looking to build a digital painting portfolio with CSP, this software is worth adding to your collection, after all, it is free. It is exceptional for animal painting like wolves, bears, or any furry character of your choosing.


Designed especially for CSP users, this is the biggest fur brush set on the internet by Darkodev. It contains well over 100 brush styles in a single pack allowing you to test, mix, match, and even create custom styles from the collection. With this collection, you can create scales, chain, rope, strings, and many more realistic artworks in one place.

Hair - Fur - Magic Effect Custom Brushes by robertmarzullo ...

Add a little fairy magic effect to your hair and fur with this brush set of three on CSP. Designed by robertmarzullo, this hair, fur, and magic brushes allow you to replicate each in your painting effectively. Although it is new, this is the perfect custom brush to enable capture of the furriness and softness in a character.

Shrineheart Fursona Fur Brush Premium


These are another exceptional set of brushes designed by Shrineheart for Clip Studio Paint/Maga Studio to mimic the exact look of real fur or hair in your artwork. Like most brushes by Shrineheart, they are not free, but for a small token of $10, you get 69 brushes to make every stroke, texture, and character come to life. The brushes are incredible when giving your illustration a soft and fluffy look.

FUR Brush Set• For realistic fur. 20 excellent brushes for ...

Designed by graphic designer, artist, and illustrator Eldar Zakirov for Clip Studio Paint, this premium set of 20 realistic fur brushes will only cost you $10 to bring all your images to life. Used by the artist himself, these brushes allow you to create the “purr –fect” fur coat on animated or animal characters. With these brushes, you get long or short fur options, softer, well-blended lines resulting in high-quality images, especially in Photoshop. Also, they are great for replicating strokes, texture, and softness of hair, whether in human or animal characters.

25+ Best Free Clip Studio Paint Brushes (Including Manga Studio)

Another incredible brush pack on Clip Studio paint by Shrineheart, this fur pack consists of 27 different brush textures to shorten the time you spend perfecting the fur or hair appearance on your character. For a merger price of $6, you get all your need for creating realistic fur and hair on your artwork. If you are looking for a broad array of brushes that covers all forms of fur paint, Painterly brush pack is it. Besides, it is easy to use with great rendering capabilities from soft to fluffy, coarse, or matte finish. If you do furry, feather, or foliage, this fur pack from Painterly should do it.

30 Brush Sets for Clip Studio Paint | Free and Premium ...

Although the prize is not stated, this pack of over 100 brushes will allow you to create incredible hair, fur, and grass textures effectively. According to the designer, Neri O, the brushes are called dynamic because, with a little adjustment, it produces another texture, finish, and a better result and look to your painting or artwork. As spectacular as the rendering feature is on this brush pack, remember to save all previous brush textures to avoid losing them. Overall, the brushes are phenomenal with a broad array of possibilities to bring movement, depth, and dimension to grass, fur, and hair.


Add some realness to your character with another excellent fur brush collection made specifically for Clip Studio Paint users. This pack of 41 allows you to speed through fur and hair additions on your painting without stress. It offers an incredible rendering of all types of fur textures – from soft, fluffy, coarse, dull, thin, and matte. It does come with a token, but it is an exceptional set of brushes that will make every character real while saving you a ton of time.

Brushes are the epicenter of the artist’s work. Whether you are painting, drawing, and illustrating, the need for a brush is never overstated. In the world of digital art, they play the same role, while we all can’t access the varieties available, Clip Studio Paint is allowing you to perfect your hair and fur in your characters. It doesn’t matter what your interest is, you will find a brush on CSP.

Written by:

Toni Justamante Jacobs, Senior Concept Artist, Illustrator, and Blogger.

Eseandre Andrews, professional writer.

12 Hair and Fur Brush Packs for Clip Studio Paint
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