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14 Amazing Apps for Vector Design in Android (Free and Premium)

Graphics design is an art that is fast becoming a much relevant skill in the 21st century for advert posters, business cards, logos, and lots more. There are two major types of graphics, namely: Vector and Raster. Vector graphics involves the use of mathematical equations to make designs. These equations are interpreted as points connected via lines or curves which are called vector paths. Vector file formats are .eps, .cgm .xml, .odg, and .svg 

Raster (also called bitmap) graphics is comprised of minute squares called pixels. The number of pixels in a raster graphics remains fixed once it is created. The number of pixels determines the size of the file and the graphics cannot be scaled without losing its picture quality. The file formats are .jpg, .png, .bmp, .tiff and .gif. 

While a raster graphic might be great for digital photography (like your phone camera), vector graphics are better for other forms of design.

Seeing the relevance of vector graphics, there are various apps that can come in handy for your graphic designs. Based on their user-friendliness and features, here are the top 14 amazing apps for graphics design in android, some of which might need a premium

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1. Adobe Illustrator Draw

This is one of the best apps from Adobe. It was launched in 2016 and has since become one of the most reliable vector design apps available for Android users. It has a modern and streamlined interface and combines the best features of other vector drawing apps

Adobe Illustrator Draw allows you to make use of other services from the creative cloud including Adobe Stock for quality images to use with for your designs, Capture for scalable shapes and CreativeSync to allow you continue your work on any device.

Some of its favorite features are:

– 64x zoom up to permit fine details

– Customizeable toolbar and 5 built-in brushes

– Touch Slide Digital Ruler to help draw perfect lines

– Uses multiple drawing and image layers ? adjust, merge, duplicate and rename individual layers

The app won the Tabby Apps Award for Art and Design in 2017 and has a rating of 4.2 on Google play store.

2. Adobe Capture

This is another stellar vector design app that offers you limitless design possibilities with the immense flexibility that comes with its capture feature. It utilizes the Adobe AI technology that can help you design better with shape recognition and font suggestions. Excitingly, you can take a picture of the font you like and the AI identifies the font and suggests Adobe Fonts that are similar. You can also do this for color themes and gradients, digital brushes, 3-D textures, and more. 

Some of its other features are

– Complimentary 2GB storage space for sharing and syncing files

– Effortless syncing with Cloud Library 

– Transform images to crisp scalable vectors with 1-32 colors

3. SketchBook

Developed by Autodesk, SketchBook is one of the most commonly used vector design apps and offers an impeccable natural touch to your design. You can capture your ideas and transform them from paper to digital. The Scan Sketch feature allows you to import art with a transparent background. Some of its features include:

– Up to 170 choices of customizable brushes.

– Modifiable PSD layout 

– Blending support

– Draw perfect lines, shapes, and curves with predictive stroke feature and 16-sector radial symmetry

4. Infinite Design

A stimulating feature of this free vector design app is that it permits infinite canvases and layerers. It also permits infinite path editing, undo and redo and has a history slide to assist designers when they change their minds, and allows users to alternate those layers. You can merge or duplicate layers. 

The app is amazingly able to design 3-D images using its 5 perspective tools 

Some other features of Infinite Design are:

– Many layer options: You can scale, flip, skew, distort and rotate

– Automatic detection of shapes

– Keyboard shortcuts for greater ease of use. 

5. Vectorise Image

This free app can convert raster graphics (JPEGs, BMP, and PNGs) to scalable vector graphics formats (AI, ESG, PDF, and SVG). It is straightforward to use and does not need registration or an email address. The app uses an autotrace library and the image manipulations are done using Java [tm] Advanced Imaging (JAI) API which improves the functionality. The advantages of this app are

– Retains the quality of the graphics after conversion.

– Images are scalable and can be rotated.

– Can be used to create stickers, clip arts, line arts, etc.

It is rated at 4.4 on Google Play Store by users. 

6. Skedio

This is an award-winning vector design app that reduces the stress involved in edition high-quality illustrations and design with its very powerful engine. It ensures any component of the design can be edited to the littlest line. For the complex operations it can perform, it Is quite easy to use and no watermark.

The features of this app include:

– very flexible sketch styles

– SVG export and export transparent background

– Eraser tool

– Two-finger gestures for panning and zooming

– Supports active pen use

– Infinite-sized canvas

– Automatic color picker and object grouping

7. Pen Tool SVG 

The app allows users to export drawings in SVG format. This makes it easier to be imported into other vector design apps like adobe illustrator that are more complex. There is a pointer that ensures precision. It is a great app for vector drawing. It is very easy to use and particularly convenient for beginners. However, the app does not support SVG imports that were not created with the app.  

8. Inker

This is a vector design editing app built to make sketch inking easier. It can also be used for comics, logos, and other digital drawings. Users can export their images to EPS and SVG and can be used on other platforms on the internet or apps. It has a desktop version also. With inker, you are able to draw neat shapes quickly and intuitively. You can adjust colors and organize color palette, arranged in groups and layers. It is pretty straightforward to use even for beginners.

9. Vector Graphics Maker

You can make your vector designs easily with Vector Graphics Maker. It offers users a series of effects including image blur, color change, filter, flip, rotate, resize, crop, increase whole tones, etc. The engines the app uses are Feathers, Starling, and Adobe AIR to ensure smooth running. The app is pretty much basic but does a good job.

10. Your Graphics Designer

This app allows for freehand drawing and can import and export your designs in SVG format forms that can be used with another software, view, and edit the SVG source. It has a linear gradient pick and a wire-frame model to give a 3-D visual representation with cool graphical details. It provides users with resizable canvas, background change, multiple layers that can be merged and duplicated.

11. Ivy Draw

This is a vector-based graphics design app great for making designs and drawings of high quality. It has a pretty awesome edit feature that lets you change whatever you want and whenever you want. It can be used to design postcards, memes, logos, posters, logos, illustrations, and a lot more. It allows users to share and preview designs with adjustable quality settings in JPEG or PNG.

Its other features include: 

– The interface is touch-optimized, two-fingered pan and zoom

– Actions, resize, crop, rotate, flip, undo and redo, alignment, etc. 

SVG export

Infinite layer

– Advanced color picking and multicolored gradients. 

– Object properties dialogue

12. Vector Asset Creator

This app makes it easy to convert from raster formats (PNG or JPEG) to scalable vector designs. It is most relevant in making icons from images that are already designed. 

It has the following features:

– Bezier curves to provide reasonably smooth curves at all scales

– Export designs as SVG, XML, ONG, or JPEG formats.

13. Vector Poster Maker, Logo, and Business Card Maker

This app can be used for making posters, business cards, and logos. It offers a spectrum of cool backgrounds, nice textures, stickers, and fonts. It comes in handy in digital marketing, cover photos, educational purposes, graphics design ideas, digitals printing, and more

14. Vector Artist

You can create designs with curves and shapes with the Vector Artist app. It uses Bezier curves to provide reasonably smooth curves at all scales without losing quality. The app can view, modify, and edit SVG files. You can also share to Tumblr, email, and DropBox with ease. It provides special effects such as transparency, radial, and linear gradients to ensure your design is amazing. As a vector app, the design maintains its quality and remains sharp no matter how much you zoom in.

These are the top 15 amazing apps for graphics design in android, some of which might need a premium. The choice is left to you to pick the app you think best suits you and start bringing those creative ideas to life.

14 Amazing Apps for Vector Design in Android (Free and Premium)
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14 Amazing Apps for Vector Design in Android (Free and Premium)
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