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10 Art Portfolio Cases You Will Love for Carrying Your Paintings and Drawings

For artists and art lovers carrying artworks from point A to point B can be quite a hassle especially because they have to worry about keeping their more sensitive pieces safe so as not to ruin their value and of course beauty, and this where a great art portfolio case comes in handy because with them, you can easily and safely store away various paintings or prints of various sizes and carry them around without having to worry too much.

However, as a professional artist, or an art aficionado, or a student in art school buying just any old portfolio case will not cut, you might want to consider shopping for a durable yet stylish case that will not only serve as a carriage case for your work but can also conveniently assist you to carry your tools/art supplies so you are a constantly prepared for when you get inspired on the go.

In this post, we shall be reviewing 10 of the most reliable and popular art portfolio cases for artists and art enthusiasts that you will just love to get your hands on and will offer you value for money. Also, to assist you to make up your mind on a portfolio case that suits you better, we shall be looking at some of the pros and cons of these products.

First of all what I think is the best portfolio case :

1. My Favourite Case: Alvin Elegance Portfolios

Just like the name of the brand suggests, one thing you will notice and love about these portfolio cases is how practical and well-designed they are. For years I was carrying my big scale drawings in tubes, but I always hated the way the drawings end up being all rolled and difficult to keep straight without something holding the sides of the paper. Once I bought my first Alvin Portfolio case, I never looked back.

The exterior of the portfolio is made of laminated nylon which is water and wear-resistant. It has a very spacious interior with compartments for separating delicate works from other types and also storing away supplies like pencils and brushes and also exterior pockets. When it comes to comfort, the product is made with a detachable shoulder strap and easy-grip handles. It is also designed with protective chrome studs on the bottom of the case so it can be left standing.

You can purchase the Alvin Elegance easily in the best art supplies store on the internet, Blick. If you wanna know more about this great portfolio case click here. 

Pros Cons
It comes in various sizes ranging from 20”x 26” – 34” x 42” in dimension It is a bit pricy, but trust me, it´s worth it
It comes with a detachable and adjustable shoulder strap which makes it great for people of various heights Doesn’t come in other color options asides from black
Designed with so many compartments and pockets which allows it to carry more  

2. Martin Universal Design Museum Artist Portfolios

If you are constantly struggling to carry your artworks and tools from one exhibition to another and you will love a very versatile and affordable portfolio case, this artist portfolio case is for you. From multiple interior compartments to well-sewn exterior pockets to even an exterior sleeve for carrying objects as large as an easel, this product offers a lot of storage space options.

It is made of a durable water-repellant material to keep your work safe. It comes with a detachable shoulder strap and a comfortable-grip handle for more carriage options.

Pros Cons
Made with sturdy zippers • It isn’t very stable when left to stand
The exterior sleeve feature is pretty cool • It might be a bit too big for people who aren’t so tall
The shoulder straps are very much adjustable  

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3. Prat Start S2000 Softside Backpack Portfolios

The Prat Start S2000 Softside Backpack-style portfolio case is a great product that offers multiple carriage options and therefore more comfort. This product is probably one of the safest art portfolio case you can find in the market also because it is padded and made of durable water-resistant canvas material. One of the most impressive features of this bag is that it has a lot of extra exterior compartments/pockets including a mesh for storing supplies like brushes and pencils, a T square pocket, and also comes with a tube holder.

In addition to the shoulder strap and a comfortable handle, this portfolio case also has backpack straps making it even more portable.

Pros Cons
Designed with a zippered compartment for folding away the shoulder strap This product is heavy
It has a sturdy base The straps might not be able to support too much weight
It has a pocket inside it that is made of transparent material for viewing a work without removing it  

 Are you interested in this product? If you wanna know more you can click here.

4. ArtBin Tote Folios

ArtBin Tote Folios is another affordable and dependable portfolio case that has a lot of storage space and easy to carry. One of the best features of this product is that it is lightweight and yet has a lot of room for carrying artwork and various types of art supplies. The external of the case is made of water-resistant nylon material that will last and also fitted with secure and reliable zippers. When it comes to comfort, it has a handle with a comfortable grip and a detachable shoulder strap.

Pros Cons
It comes in 2 different size options; 23” x 27” and 24” x 36” Its straps might not be able to handle excessive weight
It is designed with a T-square compartment Though it is very practical, it doesn’t win too many points for stylishness
The product is lightweight  

 Are you interested in this product? If you wanna know more you can click here.

5. Blick Studio Series Softside Portfolio

If you would like a simple and affordable portfolio case that you can store or carry large artwork and some of your display materials, then you should be shopping for this product; Blick Studio Series Softside Portfolio. This case is a wonderful soft side product made of tough nylon material that is wear-resistant. The product is reinforced at the edges to help keep it steady and is made with a great handle. It also comes with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap and a nice, chic zippered utility case for carrying brushes and pencils.

Pros Cons
Comes with an extra zippered 6” x 13” bag Doesn’t have external storage compartments/pockets
It is easy to carry with either the handle or shoulder strap  
It is very stylish and comes in black and red  

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6. Itoya Profolio Midtown Bag

This next product the Itoya Profolio Midtown Bag is probably the most stylish option on this list and is a great way to carry your artwork. Made of material and unique stitching, this product simply catches the eye. This product also comes in various sizes and is made with a very soft interior that will not deface or ruin the artwork. Though it doesn’t come with a shoulder strap, the portfolio bag has a great handle with a reliable and soft-to-feel.

Pros Cons
It is very well designed and pleasing to the eyes Doesn’t have different compartments for storing and transporting more than one painting
It comes in various art sizes ranging from 14” x 21”- 22” x 31” in dimension Doesn’t come with a shoulder strap

 Are you interested in this product? If you wanna know more you can click here.

7. Prat Start 2 Portfolios

Next up is another product from the Prat Start brand that delivers sleekness, durability, and safety of your work. The Prat Start 2 is made of a water-repellant exterior that is eye-catching and inner pockets for storing artworks and supplies. Checking out the interior of this case, you will notice that one side has an elastic holding strap for keeping your artwork of various sizes safe inside. It is made with a comfortable handle.

Pros Cons
It is also made with well-made nylon zippers It isn’t designed with external pockets
It has stable feet to keep the case stable while standing  
It is available in various art sizes  

The elastic holding strap inside the portfolio case is definitely a nice touch


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8. Alvin Prestige Deluxe Mesh Bags

If you are looking for a simple product that should be the perfect gift for your kids and other aspiring artists, this totes-style bag is great for storing and transporting drawings and other types of artwork. The product is unique because it is made of wear-resistant, see-through vinyl material, and strengthened with mesh webbing. The design also features an external pocket for storing small objects.

Pros Cons
It features a see-through vinyl material with mesh webbing that is durable Isn’t meant for carrying very delicate artworks
It is made with strong and reliable zippers.  

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9. Prat Wide Gusset Portfolio

Prat Wide Gusset Portfolios are also totes-style bags that are ideal for carrying canvas artworks and are made of durable and waterproof nylon material and a soft lining interior. It also comes in various sizes ranging from 17” x 22”- 23” x 31” in dimension and is expandable. The bag case is fitted with 2 interior pockets for storing utilities and has a unique adjustable hook-and-loop closing that us secure.

Pros Cons
The interior is made with a soft gray lining that is transparent Shoulder straps might not support a lot of weight over time
It comes in different sizes  
It has a comfortable grip handle and comes with shoulder straps  

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10. Star Products Red Wallet Portfolios

If you require a simple and very affordable art portfolio case that pretty much does the basic job of storing and protecting flat artwork for easy transportation then Star Products Red Wallet Portfolios will do just fine. It is made from long-lasting long-fiber paper and is fitted with a nylon handle.

Pros Cons
It has a very nice envelope style construction Not ideal for transporting delicate artworks
It has a very nice envelope style construction It isn’t as durable as products made of nylon
It is lightweight but doesn’t tear easily  

 Are you interested in this product? If you wanna know more you can click here.

You shouldn’t have to worry about ruining your masterpiece or how to safely store or transport them from one exhibition to another because, with these 10 great art portfolio cases, the task just got a lot easier. To shop these products or compare them to other products, you can search for them at your favorite online store.

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