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15 Best Apps For Previewing Your Art On a Wall

Art is a beautiful creation and its aesthetically pleasing strokes help enthrall the viewers. With the introduction of modern technology, we have seen new ways through which we can view art. Now since we can make use of tech to enhance art and make it add to the aesthetics of our surroundings, several tools can be put in place. The introduction of apps that help preview arts are now in vogue, and they provide easy to a plethora of artworks. Now, artworks beautify the walls of several buildings and homes.

To make it fair on both sides – artists and clients, preview tools have now built a bridge of communication. Artists can now display their art, and buyers get the chance to use these tools to get a picture of how well the art would look on their walls before making a purchase.

These 15 apps are the perfect tools for previewing your art on a wall.

1. iArtView

iArtView is the best app for interior designers and professional artists to expand their work professionally. This app is perfect for artists who want to promote their sales with the use of high-quality arts. iArtView helps to save time, use for adjusting lighting, in choosing the frame to use, and also for enhancements. It has a color wall for choosing the best color that will fit your painting. When you want to use it, you put the art to the image of the space where you want and the iArtView’s auto-scales help you with the work. Very fast to use.

2. ArtMyWall

The ArtMyWall app is not time-consuming like the popular photoshopping apps. It is one of the simplest tools for previewing your art on a wall. ArtMyWall ensures that there is no guesswork, helps to adjust the position and shadows, it produces a variety of paintings on the wall and if there’s a need for a frame, you can add it from the frame collection available in the app. This app helps your painting to look extremely good on the wall. You can choose the interior design that will fit your artwork from the gallery of different unique designs.

3. WallApp

WallApp is a webpage that helps you to visualize your image, artwork, and other room photos in various rooms. You drag the art of your choice on the photo you uploaded to the webpage to get a good looking result that shows how creative you are. When on the webpage, you adjust the artwork to the size you want that will fit in the space.

It’s not a mobile app, but artists can use it on mobile. It’s not advisable to use this app if you are a professional and want to sell your work.

4. WhiteWall AR

WhiteWall App uses the cutting edge Augmented Reality technology to help you bring your paintings into your home. With the help of this app, you can picture your painting on the wall and how it suits the interior design. You can also walk around your room to look for a better position and angle where the painting can fit into. After this, get your WhiteWall app and put your paintings in the wall art, then you can now display in your home.

5. ArtPlacer

This is the best app for people who wants to learn how to put their paintings in their home, office, the museum, a gallery, or any space. Art professionals use this app for setting up an art installation,  coordinating a Museum exhibition, or to provide their customers with the preview of painting on their walls. This app helps the users to work with vibrant paintings. It enables art professionals to deal with different views to achieve their goals. You don’t have to use expensive apps like photoshop, ArtPlacer will help you get the most practical paintings for your clients. The library of spaces on the app consists of galleries, art fair booths,  kitchens, and living rooms.

6. Artrooms- Superimpose Art

This app was set in motion in July 2018. Artrooms is mostly used by galleries and artists because it has the tool to easily and quickly superimpose and frame paintings on beautiful interior images. There are rooms of good quality where you can preview your paintings that will attract your clients and leads to an increase in your sales. Do not waste time on photoshop, download this app, and enjoy the high-quality room selections, the paint color wall, and the different interior paintings that will make your work look stunning. You can use this app for uploading high-quality images on your email and social media.

7. ArtSee-Artwork Wall Previews

This is an iOS-only app that lets you put the painting of your choice in an adjusted photo of your room or space. ArtSee is the app that will change the way you visualize paintings at home. This app makes it easy to shoot and size the wall when looking for the best place for your painting. With the help of ArtSee, you can take pictures of paintings, superimpose, and frame them on the hangups which are the wall previews. This app makes it very easy to share your creations with your friends and family. As a gallerist or a professional artist, using ArtSee will bring potential clients to see your work and then purchase it.

8. Photofunia

Photofunia is the professional and fastest free online picture effects service that can help you edit your paintings for free as quickly as possible, and produce a very good quality painting. It is always fun to use this photo editor, and you can share the edited paintings with your family. Photofunia can be very boring to explore, but it’s fun. They are the best for promoting your work on Facebook ads.

9. Art Visualizer

Art Visualizer is an Augmented Reality Preview App that will show you what a piece of art will look like in a specific space. To avoid regret when you get home after purchasing a painting, use the Art visualizer preview app for previewing the painting to know if it will match with the decor in your home before buying.  Gallerist and Professional artists can upload their work with details on this app to get the attention of art buyers who might be interested in their work. Then the buyers will imagine the art on their walls, to see if it is perfect with their decor before they buy it.

10. Insitu Art Room

Insitu Art Room is an app that helps to view posters, paintings, and other artworks in a different setting. This app helps the people using it to know-how paintings and other artworks look in a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom, or a white gallery wall. A lot of art dealers, home stylist, art collectors, and people who love interior design use this app. It helps them to visualize a painting on their own. Insitu has a great effect on your work and this effect will make people want to buy your work.

11. InRoom Preview

InRoom Preview is an app for art visualization for tablets and mobile phones. It helps people who use it to see how a painting looks in any setting. It is a mobile app and can be downloaded for free. And also, the user must have an ID to enjoy all the features available in the app, without the ID, you won’t be able to browse through the artist gallery.

12. Shoot and Sell

Shoot and sell is the preview app that is created to help photographers as a sales tool. This app allows you to add your painting to a space of your choice. The shoot and sell app allow you to use your client’s room at home and it assists you with the tools to use.

13. Wallary: Test pictures with AR

Wallary is one of the most used preview apps. It helps the users to show their collection of paintings, artwork, and interior design to their clients.  It is also used to explore the different home decorating methods with the use of augmented reality. This app allows painters, photographers, and art lovers to produce the best gallery walls from their paintings, then test them with augmented reality on real walls before sharing it with friends or customers. You can create so many ideas on interior design with the help of Wallary. For example, you can try an animal painting for the children ‘s room or make a beautiful tree painting in the living room.

14. Mockup Editor

Mockup Editor Preview is used to create a quick lovely display solution for photographies and paintings. It is the best app for producing high quality and amazing product images. This editor helps you to design and present your works with a huge library of designs that are available in the browser. Mockup Editor helps you to make use of your knowledge about interior designs to get more sales by creating high-quality visual assets for your work.

15. iArtView: Art to Scale Gallery

This is the advanced preview app for galleries, artists, interior designers, and collectors. This app helps you to instantly view your paintings and other artworks on personal wall space. iArtView is so easy and fast to use. Transfer your paintings, photos, and artworks to the wall and you can share it with your clients or family. iArtView will make your work look amazing no matter your area of specialization whether you are a photographer, digital artist, or an interior designer. This app will help you have more increase in your sales.

These are the collection of the best simple apps for previewing your art on a wall. Using all these previewing apps will help you get more clients and more sales in your artwork.

15 Best Apps For Previewing Your Art On a Wall
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15 Best Apps For Previewing Your Art On a Wall
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