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Discover Magma Studio Drawing App|What is and How it works

In the past, using web-based drawing apps used to have a lot of limitations which included that projects created with these apps were not seen as being fit to be used for professional uses. Not to forget to mention that these browser-based apps also didn’t run at a very fast speed, unlike desktop or mobile-based drawing apps that are built to respond faster at each tap of a button.

In the same vein, web-based drawing applications have the limitations of variant browsers issues. That means that any project done on a particular browser might have complications when being transported and developed on other phones using another web browser.

To eradicate all of these and to ensure that web-based drawing applications can work effectively in the creation of masterpiece digital drawings just as a desktop and mobile applications do, Magma Studio was birthed.

What is Magma Studio? 

Magma Studio is an online drawing and painting software app that is designed to make collaborative drawings easy for digital artists and painters. With Magma Studio you can draw digital masterpieces without having to install any app.

Magma Studio has been developed by Code Charm Inc. Is the brainchild of artist, Bobby Chiu (Schoolism, Imaginism Studios, and LightBox Expo), and comic author, Jim Demonakos (LightBox Expo, Emerald City Comiccon, and Spinner Rack).

Main App Features

In case you might be wondering how Magma Studio differs from other painting and drawing software app, here are some key features that differentiate Magma Studio from the rest.

These features include the following:


It is common for users to complain that web-based drawing and painting applications don’t deliver professional and high-quality drawings and paintings, but this is not the same with Magma Studio.

With Magma Studio, professionalism is the order of the day as this software app features high-grade and professional drawing and painting tools that when put to work, births awesome and mind-blowing works of art.

Group Brainstorming  

Brainstorming and trying to churn out your ideas into works of art can be stressful and difficult if you are doing it all by yourself. And this is why the Magma Studio software app has helped to provide an avenue for different artists and painters to come together to brainstorm together.

The best part of Magma Studio is that rather than you trying to send your ideas to your fellow animated designers, painters, and artists; you can start working on it, and they will be able to view your concept and your stages of completion right on their devices from their web browsers!

Magma Studio makes collaboration between artists and drawers a very easy affair.

Joint Effort

Are you a group of designers, artists, and/or painters working on a particular job, and you are searching for a medium that will enhance a smooth and efficient joint work on the job at the same time?

Magma Studio software app is the answer that you seek. With the Magma Studio software app, everyone on a specific job can come together (not physically together but virtually together) to work on the job at the same time on their browsers.

You can have as many as 30 persons connected on Magma Studio to work on a particular project at the same time where ever they are physically situated.

While you can have a public drawing session with your team members, the Magma Studio software app also gives you the opportunity for a private drawing session.

The same way you can draw and share your work with others on Magma Studio, you can also decide to not share your work with anyone.

Any decision you take concerning your drawing sessions is all fine by Magma Studio.

Universal Accessibility

Be it an iPads, Android Tablets, Chromebooks, Macbooks, or enterprise laptops that are Windows-operated, Magma Studio software app is compatible with any of these devices.

Irrespective of the browsers installed on any of these devices; either with Updated Edge, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome, you can access, use, and work on Magma Studio conveniently and effortlessly.

Update and Storage

You don’t have to go through the common problems of file updates with Magma Studio. With this software, you and your team can find the latest version of your work of art without stress.

In the same vein, storage on Magma Studio won’t be a problem, as your work gets saved automatically in the cloud as you work.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about programs crash, system crash, storage wipe, viruses, and bugs. Magma Studio will help keep your work safe and updated to make working easier for you.


When it comes to having working sessions on the Magma Studio software app, there is an unlimited number of sessions that you can have.

This means that you can have as many drawing and painting sessions as you want, without any fear of used up sessions.

And for each session you work in, you can join in with as many as 29 other persons plus you to make 30 persons working in a single session.

Inactive Drawings

There are times when painters and artists have blocks; moments when there is no more inspiration to work on a particular job, and you can’t help but go inactive on Magma Studio for a few days.

For someone using another drawing software app, you might not be able to keep your inactive works on the app for a long time, but with Magma Studio Drawing App, you can keep your inactive projects on for 30 days unattended to.

And you can come back to work on it at any time in between the 30 days of grace.

The above feature is for those users who are signed up to the Indie (free) version, but for users who are signed to the Enterprise and Studio versions, Magma Studio software app allows them to keep their inactive projects unattended to forever without being wiped off the app.


Exporting files from software applications has never been better with Magma Studio Drawing App. Unlike other apps that don’t give users the privilege of exporting files through different formats, Magma Studio is not like that.

With Magma Studio Drawing App, you can export your files in any format from one destination to another such as to PSD, without having to worry about conversion from one format to another.

Different Versions

On Magma Studio Drawing App, users are allowed to choose between three varying versions of the app. While users have access to only one of the versions for free, which is the Indie version, two other versions are not freely accessible, and those are the Studio and Enterprise versions.

Don’t get it wrong, that some versions are not free while one is free doesn’t mean the free version is a watered version of the other two.

What it means is that the not-free version has all that the free version has and some upgrades to make your user experience with Magma Studio Drawing App amazing and successful.

How to use it?

To use Magma Studio Drawing App is easy and straight to the point. First and foremost, you have to be signed up to access to Magma Studio Drawing App.

When you are signed up, you gain access to the service, and you are asked to accept the terms and conditions of the service.

As earlier stated, some features of the Magma Studio Drawing App are not accessed for free of charge. Hence, you might be asked to “Subscribe” for the features.

If you are subscribing, you will be billed in advance on a periodic and recurring basis, which can either be monthly or yearly as dependent on the subscription you are subscribing for.

To process your subscription, you would be required to present a valid payment method. This method will entail that you provide your credit card details, full name, address, telephone number, zip code, and state, for the successful processing of your subscription payment.

When your payment is validated, you are now given full access to Magma Studio Drawing App, and you can commence working on the map.

When signed up, you become an administrator for the board and you have full access to post, store, link, and share images, graphics, text, videos, etc,. on the site.

Magma Studio Drawing App allows you to upload any material on the app, but you are solely responsible for whatever you post on the app.

And for every content that you post on the app, Magma Studio has the right to make use of, publicly display, modify, and distribute the content across the app.

All the above-mentioned terms and conditions are available for you to peruse before you sign up.

When you finally sign in, you have a lot of buttons to work with on the app. For example, you have the “Edit” button which has shortcuts and where you can also personalize your user experience.

You will also see the “Name” button where you can change your avatar and set your name.

Then, there is the “Tools” button for everything you want to work on such as creating strokes, etc.

How to fix pressure sensitivity problems

Working on Magma Studio on your Google Chrome browser might not have you experiencing any pressure sensitivity problems.

But if you are using other browsers such as Firefox or Safari, you might have some issues working with Magma Studio.

If you use the Chrome browser, and you still have pressure sensitivity problems, just look for the “Help” button, and look for the extension for Google Chrome browser that can help with your pressure sensitivity problems.

If you use a Wacom tablet, to fix your pressure sensitivity problems, all you need to do is click on the “Pen” button, go to “Calibrate”, there you’d see a Check off button that reads “Use Windows Ink”, check if the box is checked in on.

If it was checked off, check it on and restart your browser completely, and you are good to go.

Pros and Cons of the App

Of course, software apps do have their pros and cons too. For the Magma Studio Drawing App, there are a few pros and cons listed below.

  • ?You can upload any material you want. You can also bring alive any work of art of your choice.
  • You can do a collaborative effort with members of your team on the app at the same time.
  • You don’t need to install the app before you make use of it.
  • It is compatible with all tablets and laptops devices. It is also compatible with different operating systems such as Android, ChromeOS, Linux, Windows, iOS, and others.
  • You can keep your unfinished projects on the app for 30 days or longer based on the subscription that you are on.
  • You can store your projects and files in the cloud to avoid misplacement or deletion during a system crash, bug or virus invasion, or system upgrade.
  • It is not a mobile-based drawing application.
  • Whatever you add on the app, be it materials or your creations, Magma Studio has the non-exclusive right to reproduce, use, display, and distribute.
  • The app has affiliations with external links and websites, and will not be held accountable for anything that these external parties do or share.
  • Also, the app is not responsible for damage or loss of content or creations that may happen as a result of these external parties.
  • The administration of the application can suspend or terminate your account with immediate effect without notifying you first for any reason best known to them.
  • Finally, using the Magma Studio Drawing App is at your risk as the application doesn’t give any warranty of any kind to its users.

Final Thoughts

With the daily advancements in technology, it is no surprise that Magma Studio has created something that will help bridge the gap between creating professional drawings and paintings and creating them effectively on a web-based application with the aid of professional tools and features that are available on the app.

Not only that, but Magma Studio has also helped proffer solutions to issues relating to distance as users can now connect on the app at the same time to work on a project together in a session.

In all, Magma Studio is the future of digital drawing and paintings in the digital world.

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