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Learn to Draw DJ Yonder / Llama DJ from Fortnite in 8 Easy Steps

Hi guys, So for those of us who love being entertained by videogames because of the thrill of the challenge and passing levels, we do know that the Fortnite video game stands as a fabulous gaming titan. This is due to the fact that it has so much gameplay content that we simply can’t get enough. One of its several contents we love so much is its vast array of skins. Having said that, for the purpose of this tutorial we would be diving into the world of Fortnite to draw one of its skins by the name DJ Yonder also known as Llama DJ in nine easy steps. For those who don’t know, DJ Yonder is an epic male skin that can be gotten from season 6 of the Fortnite game. It is basically a masked man who is clad in a green suit. Now, if you hope to have a realistic image of DJ Yonder at the end of this tutorial, it is compulsory that you strictly follow each step. Furthermore, for this tutorial, we would begin by creating a dummy which we would use for drawing our final sketch. Excited? Let’s get drawing!.

How To Draw DJ Yonder / Llama DJ from Fortnite

In this tutorial, we would be focusing on drawing the Llama DJ skin from Fortnite and we would be accomplishing this in nine easy steps. I would be guiding you through each step and for the best results, you should follow every step in this tutorial strictly. Now that we’ve got that, let’s draw some magic.

Step 1: Drawing The Torso

Using the above image as a guide, our character’s torso would be drawn in a 3/4 drawing scale. What this means is that the right view of the torso which faces the audience would be bigger than the left view. The torso should go on to have three horizontal lines which highlight his collar bone, beneath his chest region and his waist respectively. Additionally, a base should be created for drawing his head and arms. So go on to highlight the top of the torso where his head would be drawn and also draw a small circle at the top part of the right side of the torso which would be a base for the arms. Having done that, a vertical line should run across the torso from the collar region to the end of the torso. Another vertical line should be drawn from the circle created for the arms to the waist region. Next up, we would create a base for his legs and the base would take the form of a man’s underwear as seen in the image. With that done, we can take on drawing the head.

Step 2: Drawing The Legs

DJ Yonder would be drawn standing with his legs far apart. Each leg should be started off as a tube that gradually reduces as you get to the knee. From the knee, they should extend out a bit and gradually reduce till they get to the ankle. Then draw the feet as shown in the above image. To complete this step, highlight the left knee cap by drawing a horizontal line and a circle. Next up draw a circle on the right knee cap to highlight it. A vertical line should also be drawn at the side of the right leg from the top to the bottom. This line would be useful for drawing the outfit much later.

Step 3: Drawing The Arms

Our characters arms would be drawn using the 3/4 drawing scale. This means that his right arm would be bigger in size than the left. Additionally, his arms would be crossed over his chest. Having said that, when drawing, start off each arm like a tube and make it gradually reduce in size as it gets to the lower arm. Then draw them crossed across the chest as seen in the image. Having done that, including the lines that highlight the elbow region and upper arm as seen.

Step 4: Drawing The Head

Our characters head would take the form of a square. However before then, beginning from the base created for his head, draw two short vertical lines which would be the neck of our character. Next up, draw a small sized square which would sit on the neck. The head would be divided by a vertical line from top to bottom and two horizontal lines from side to side. With that drawn, refer again to the image and using it as a guide, draw a small curved line similar to an arc which should sit on the head. Having done all that, that’s it for the head, let’s go on to draw the outfit

Step 5: Drawing The Outfit and Final Line Art

At this point our dummy is complete and it’s time to start off our final sketch. So fade out the dummy slightly and use the traces left to draw the outfit as seen in the above image. The outfit should cut across the mask, the green suit, the headset, and the shiny decals which would later be painted to reflect light.

If you wanna learn which are the Art supplies we use for drawing and painting you can visit the Recommended supplies and Recommended tablets sections.

Step 6: Painting The Base Colors

This is the point we make our drawing vibrant by throwing in the base colors. These colors are green, metallic color, black and white. So grab your colors and let’s paint a masterpiece.

Step 7: Painting The Outfits Disco Lights and The Shadows

Using the image as a guide, go on to paint the disco lights of the outfit. For best results, mix your paint with a glow in the dark powder. This would give it that shine. Then you can use your paint to paint the disco lights.

In order to give volume and depth to our character, we should add some shading to it. In this case, the main light source will come from the upper left of the drawing, so the shadows will be placed on the areas where the light is not hitting the character. These shaded areas will be located under the arms, the interior part of the leg, and the right side of the head and body.

Step 8: Lighting The Character

This basically means painting areas of the character shown to be hit by light rays. Such areas like the left side of his face, his arms and other places shown in the image. When painting, don’t forget to mix your paint with phosphorescent or glow in the dark powders.


This is the end of the tutorial and you must be proud with what you’ve come up with. However, to perfect your character drawing skills, repeat this tutorial a couple of times. If that is done, soon you won’t need a tutorial to draw out a masterpiece.

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Writer: Eseandre and Toni Justamante Jacobs , Artist: Tremaine Felicia Naidoo

Learn to Draw DJ Yonder / Llama DJ from Fortnite in 8 Easy Steps
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Learn to Draw DJ Yonder / Llama DJ from Fortnite in 8 Easy Steps
A) Drawing the Torso B) Drawing the Head C) Drawing the Legs D) Drawing the Arms E) Drawing the Outfit F) Painting the Base Colours. G) Painting the Outfit´s Disco Lights H) Lighting the characters
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Improve Your Drawings
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