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Best 25 Oil Painting Brush Packs for Procreate | Free & Premium

by Toni Justamante Jacobs

You cannot but admire the expression, strokes, beauty, and finesse in oil painting. However, as elegant as oil painting is, it is hard work. Well, until you download a free version or buy the oil painting brush pack from Procreate.

If you are into oil painting and want a convenient way to get the lines and strokes without stress, then these brushes will make all the difference in your digital work. 

The great thing about Procreate is that it offered an overwhelming collection of paintbrushes that cover every aspect of art, from drawing to blending to finishing.

By the way, if you are interested in learning how to create amazing artwork in Procreate, let me recommend you a fantastic course Austin Bachelor created called The Procreate 4.1 Super Course. This course will teach you from the very basics of the interface and user functionalities to digital painting techniques you can use in Procreate to create stunning artwork.

Also, I published a couple of articles where you could find more Procreate brush sets. The first one is an article on Nature brushes called: “10 Free Nature brushes for Procreate”.

Below are 25 oil painting brush pack available for Procreate. So whether you are a leisure artist or a professional one, these are a must-have to bring life, movement, and flow to your digital oil painting.

So let’s get started.

1.  Painters Procreate One Brush

How will it feel to easily adjust the size of your strokes or have a single brush that can do all things? Well, welcome to Painter’s Procreate One Brush wonder; this amazing set cost a token of 4-5 dollars. 

The Painter’s brush allows you to work at different stroke pressure via its pressure-sensitive pen. This set lets you create soft and delicate edges, smudge, or blend as desired. Besides, this is the best brush for calligraphy too. 

Although this set consists of one brush; it will take some getting used to master all the functions of it.

2. The Complete Collection of Procreate Brushes 

This is probably the best deal you will get for brushes on Procreate. It comes at a reduced price of $129 and the most affordable collection you can ever make as an artist. It consists of custom-made brushes, including hundred of pro-grade brushes, textured brushes, Gouache paintbrushes, halftone, comic, and inking brushing. With this set, you can turn your iPad into the most advanced canvas ever.

3. Procreate 4: New ROSSBOB PAINT KNIFE Multi Brush

Another free update to the Georgvw oil paintbrush collection, these are part of the ROSSBOB wet oil collection for coloring illustration and creating stunning strokes in wet and dry form. The brushes in this kit are sensitive to tilt, speed, the pressure of the device. They are also the easiest way to paint backgrounds, add textures, and render your work.

4. Oil on Canvas for Procreate 

As the name suggests, these brushes make painting oil on canvas fun, flexible, and fabulous. Not only are they easy to use, but they create such realist oil paint artworks, it looks so real you think it is still wet. Created by Uproot Brushes, this kit consists of 5 distinct brushes set. They are the untextured intuitive oil brushes and 4 sets of canvas brushes with canvas to match, and two finishing brushes to add thickness or depth to your work.

Together these oil paint brushes for Procreate produce gorgeous artwork as realistic as can be. 

5. Oil Pastels for Procreate 

This is from BrushUp, and it is new, and the price is worth it. These new pastel brushes have been custom designed, and are pressure sensitive to enable you to gain full control of size, opacity, color palettes, and load as you work.

Just like all their brushes, this brush set contains only three pastel brushes that allow you to work but with some bonus. Each brush has a smudge feature in it; this makes your work easy, as you do not need to changes brushes all the time.

6. Procreate Oil Paint Brush Set

Gabrielle is giving oil painters a 16 piece brush custom brush seta and canvas textures to create the most amazing oil artwork on Procreate. This kit consists of 16 brushes, 17 canvas textures, and 2 smudge brushes. Like the regular brushes in every set, this set is different as it allows you to screen feel like a canvas so that you can easily translate your thoughts into incredible artworks.

7. Oil Paint Brush & Stamp Set

This brush might be expensive for some but has all the making of an artist written on them. The set consists of ten oil brushes, one canvas texture, and five splatter stamps. 

Another plus for this set is that each brush is used for a particular purpose and listed as such. So you cannot mistakenly use a blender brush instead of a bristle brush. The stamps allow you to replicate an oil effect in your artwork that cannot be captured with the brushes. In combination, the Procreate oil brush and stamp set will bring to life any piece of art in sleek finishes.

The brushes include a tapered brush, bristle brush, old bristle brush, a detail brush, a dry brush, a pallet knife, a brushstroke, a flat brush, a canvas textures, and an oil blender brush. The stamps are a splatter drip stamp, a spider stamp brush, a splatter brush, a fine dot splatter brush, and a blob stamp brush.

8. Procreate Paint Brushes 

24 oil paint brushes that mimic the various oil painting styles, including oil paints, gouache, and acrylic are at your disposal. These interesting brush mixes allow the artist to create a rich effect and amazing textures with the brushes. 

Furthermore, because these Procreate brushes are wet paint, you get flow and movement in your artwork with gorgeous blends that add life to still art. It comes with two swatches with 12 different styles in each one.

 9. Free Procreate Brushes

The free Procreate brushes are brushes that have been specifically designed for use on the Procreate App. They are usually compatible with iOS and allow a range of artists to express themselves. While we cannot list all the free brushes, you should get over 250 various brushes for all purposes.

10. Oil Paint Brushes for Procreate

 Well, 52 paintbrushes that allow you to create incredible strokes, textures, and beauty are more than any artist or illustrator could ever ask for. These brushes by Guerillacrafts are fun but expensive downloads that every digital artist should have. So if you want realistic textures, rich finishes, and the ability to create controlled strokes, you should opt for these, and they are worth the price

11. Oil Paint Brush Set 

Seamless Team is another your studio again with 14 pressure sensitive brush variety to create a wet/oil looks on your artwork. What is even better is these guys have gone the extra mile to gift a free 3000 by 3000 painter canvas to ramp up the fun and usage of this set. 14 brushes might seem much, but each one is designed to create a different wet/oil feel and appearance to your work. Do not wait too long for $5; it is a steal.

12. Procreate Oil Brush Set + Texture

This classical oil brush set plus texture will enable any oil painter to create amazing works that resemble the real deal. To get you started, See See has added a textured canvas image you can layer on your iPad to give you that feeling of painting a real canvas.

So if you are excited, this is a 10 brush set with incredible color palettes to bring your creation to life using the best brushes for Procreate. It is so good that the quality of the finished work looks like working on a textured canvas. Get ready to block in color and add unbelievable details and illusion to your work.

13. Procreate 4 Paint Bundle: 65+ Natural Media Paint Brushes

For 5 dollars and free updates, this 4 paint kit by GeorgBrush Club has over 65 incredible brushes –all new to improve the overall look of your artwork. To ensure you get all areas correct, it features wet paint, textured bleed, and graduation in all the brushes. The kits contain 33 mixed brushes, including watercolor and 34 ROSSBOB wet oil paint brushes great in bringing landscapes to life.

14. Procreate Oil Brushes 

If you have the previous version by Extremebrushes, then you should love these brush sets? 

However, these premium collections of 10 incredible oil paint brushes come alone and cannot be used with other sets. Designed for Procreate, these oil brushes will breathe new life into your artwork but are not compatible with other painting apps, including Photoshop.

Brushes in this collection are X fat oil brush, X Fine detail brush, X old brush dry, X soft oil brush, X canvas brush, X Soft oil II, X Def oil I and II, and more. These are unique brushes to enable you to create the most beautiful oil painting.

15. FREE PAINT Brush Set

Procreate is a painting and coloring platform that painters and potential artists can fall in love with art. While there are lots of affordable brushes which are custom made, there are equally free paintbrushes to choose from. Whatever your reasons and needs are, just browse the collection and enjoy some of the best free paintbrushes ever.

16. Oils Brush Pack for Procreate

This is an upgrade of the first version, and you will love these brushes. The experience is better; the results are smoother even though it is expensive. The oil brush pack by Razum Inc also comes with a tempting bonus, 7 seamless paper textures for your iPad.

Asides from the bonus, this set consists of 22 new brushes for concept and illustration artists combine with the extra for the best experience on your iPad like never before. Whether you are using the old brush set or upgraded to the new, these brushes are designed to bring life into any artwork.

17. Procreate Artist Mega Pack 

How big is free. Well, as free as this pack of brushes by Procreate. This set will enable you to replicate a realistic impression on your iPad, including features like charcoal, oil, ink, and watercolor. Only not compatible with Adobe and Illustrator will allow any artist to create incredible artworks. The pack consists of 41 watercolor brushes, 60 artist collection, and 101 custom Procreate brush files. Lest we forget, it has swatches to enable you to try out the strokes before application.

18. Real Oils for Procreate 

 Do not look at the price tag; this is a must-have for all oil painters. The guys at BrushUp certainly deserve credit for this incredible set, and they are by far the most real oil paintbrush in the Procreate collection. Available in a pack of 18 brushes, your artwork will look so real as if it is about to pop out of the canvas. In addition to been fully customized for tilt and pressure sensitivity, these brushes give the glossiest and smoothest finish to illustrations like no other. Ah, strokes, blends, and lines seem so easy with these brushes. Hey, they are so easy to use too.

Some brushes in this set include canvas drag, prickle, turp scrup, smoothie, edgy, fatty, and thick, round smooth, opaque, and more. The choices are plenty and amazing.

19. Sargent’s Oils – Procreate Brushes 

These elegant set by impressionist painter John Sargent are a replica of how oil on canvas really looks like. They are not free and cost just 6 to 8 dollars for a custom pack of 14. These custom brushes will offer the same beauty and finesse as oil on real canvas to your digital art and add more depth, movement, and realness to it.

Some brushes in this set are flat, canvas texture, glaze, angular flat, wet flat, wet filbert, and more. Download and get started; it is so much fun.

20. Procreate Best Oil Brushes Vol 1.0 

If your digital canvas is an iPad, then you must download this brush set now. The Procreate oil brushes work seamlessly to replicate the appearance of wet and dry painterly oil paint on your artwork. Available in a selection of 8 stunning brushes, they are compatible with only Procreate and no other painting programs. 

However, it is not disappointing as the brushes are capable of producing the best strokes and finesse than most sets can do. You might need to buy the complete pack, but these will improve your skill and perfect any lapses as an artist.

21. Oil Pastel Brush Set For Procreate 

Compatible with the iPad Procreate app, this zip file or 22MB is the best oil paintbrush for illustrations and sketching that you will get for this small amount. This oil pastel brush set gives your artwork a classical and original feel reminiscence of oil days oil painting works. The Seamless Team has gracefully gifted digital artists a 16 brush set that covers all areas of our imagination. It also accords artists various pastel options like a soft pastel, smudge pastel round pastel, or dry pastel, standard pastel brush, and more. The choices are unlimited, and your artwork is bound to bring a smile to people’s faces.

22. Procreate Oil Paint 2018 

This oil paint brushes for Procreate consists of a set of 5 brushes that mimic the exact brushstrokes as those using the Winsor Newton paint and finishes with Gesso on canvas. They are elegant, and the fluidity is breath-taking. The brushes included in this set are a small liner brush, bristle brush, super wet brush, Tue oil brush, and the legacy Smudge brush. 

Although the set is only of five brushes, it will give you texture, finesse, and finishes like oil on a real canvas.

23. Traditional Colors Terracotta Oil 

If you love to replicate the traditional look and feel of oil paint on canvas in your digital art, then look no further than this color set by Eliza Moreno. 

Consisting of 20 incredible brushes, this brush set allows you to create marvelous illustrations that will make you keep your iPad on forever. To help you get the finished look, Eliza was kind enough to add two canvas styles – perfection came prepared with this set.

The traditional colors of terracotta oil allow the artist to imitate the old style of oil painting right in your digital canvas.

24. WET OIL PAINT MIXER Brush for Procreate

Looking for the best way to add color and blend beautifully with your oil paint for Procreate, then download the wet oil paint mixer brush set by Georgvw. 

The brushes in this set are mainly developed for mixing and creating new oil palettes on digital painting apps.

The wet oil paint mix brush is sensitive to pressure, tilt, speed, and has a challenging learning curve. However, a little practice goes a long way. So if you are ready to add softness, gradients, and smooth strokes, this is a must for you.

25. Real Brush Stroke

Get authentic oil brush strokes on your artwork with this brush set of 54 pieces. Created by Doodle-lee-Doo, these free real brush strokes are the perfect downloadable addition to your iPad for Photoshop app. It is easy to use and will help is the best way to create texture and finesse on your artwork.

Procreate makes the best digital art brushes, and while choosing the right oil brush can be overwhelming; we have narrowed it down for you. The above are 25 of Procreate’s best oil painting brushes to get you started, moving, or finish with your artwork. Whether they come tagged or free, they are worth having on your system.

Best 25 Oil Painting Brush Packs for Procreate | Free & Premium
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Best 25 Oil Painting Brush Packs for Procreate | Free & Premium
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